Liz Lisa Outfit Of The Day/ Autumn dress

I’ll be sharing with you Outfits of the Day, I post this ones on my Instagram account, please follow me to see them more often. ((Link here)) But I wanted to be able to show you the details of what I’m wearing so I decide it to post it here too.

Liz Lisa Novelty Collection Part 2.

I think most people don’t know much about Liz Lisa’s Novelty goodies. As this are only available when you get them from the physical shops in Japan, sometimes, only available in certain Liz Lisa’s shop like the one in Parco at Ikebukuro. That’s why I wanted to share with you my collection of Novelty products […]

Liz Lisa Winter Haul #2 Tenso/Rakuten service 

  I got 4 items at the begining of this month, with their Winter sales from their Winter Collection. I used the Tenso service for buying items from Japan or other Japanese websites that only delivers inside of Japan, all the haul was purchase at the official Liz Lisa shop of Rakuten.