Rabbit grass and how I grow it indoors – How to fill your rabbit needs

Is important to fill your Rabbit basic needs:





~Finding food/treats

One excellent way to help them forage is by growing your own herbs and grass.

Pet shops online often sells cat gras or pet grass, I would had buy that but I’m not 100% confident I can grow grass from scratch(seeds).

So if you are like me who would love to give your bunnies access to fresh greens but sucks at growing plants this is an excellent tip for you.

You just have to make sure that the greens you get are safe for your bunny, chemical/pesticide and animal droppings free.

For herbs and flowers you can search online for a list or check my previous posts on bunny’s diet:


There’s many herbs your bunnies can eat, for example Sumomo loves: roses, mint and basil. So we buy at our local groceries store pots with the fresh herbs for human consumption.

You can cut some leafs and add it to their daily mix of vegetables. But is best if you let them eat it from the plant, this makes the eating experience more enjoyable for both of you, and you promote their basic need of foraging.

Plus they look lovely eating it, just make sure you are close by supervising they don’t drop the pot or dig the dirt.

This will also ensure they don’t devour the whole plant in one go.

When it comes to growing your own grass, I did an experiment during autumn, trying to prepare having fresh grass for them when they would not be able to have access to the garden due to the snow.

I got pots and clean dirt ready for them, I reused the pots from previous editable herbs we had at home.

I pulled some grass from my garden from a zone free from animal droppings, and I’m 100% sure my neighbours don’t use weed killers and pesticides in their gardens as they let their guinea pigs out to munch on their grass too.

And I wait and prayed for the grass roots to stick and stay alive, make sure when you pull is from the root to ensure it will work.

And by now approx 1/2 months later the greens are pretty much ready to be eaten. I left it outside for too many days so, some parts are a little bit burned from the frost.

If you are lazy like me and live in a place were there’s plenty of rain you can leave your pots outside and wait for nature to make its magic.

Another thing I did, was when our rabbits devour the mint and left the plant without any leafs, I replant it and give it another chance to grow back in my garden and I can have mint almost all year!!!

I couldn’t take any good picture of Sumomo as she was moving around, and also lately we are more active on our YouTube channel, so I made a video showing how my bunny loves to eat fresh herbs.

If you want to see more of my rabbits and puppy, please check my YouTube channel for every week content.

Love, Eden.


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