Liz Lisa Outfit Of The Day/ Autumn dress

I’ll be sharing with you Outfits of the Day, I post this ones on my Instagram account, please follow me to see them more often.

((Link here))

But I wanted to be able to show you the details of what I’m wearing so I decide it to post it here too.


I’m wearing my favourite Liz Lisa pink heels.

I fell down while hiking and my bruises and scars haven’t heal yet TT w TT




I let the staff of Liz Lisa choose the entire outfit, from the dress to the undergarment. As she was wearing the same dress that day, and I loved it.

So she told me this camisole would go perfectly with the off the shoulder dress.

The lace and the colour match the dress perfectly.

 And the details on the blouse make me want to wear it not only as an undergarment.

 It’s nice to show a little, but I’m not a big fan of see-through  clothes, so this cute little details make the perfect combination.

I always like to wear this cute frilly shorts under any skirt, or I prefer to buy sukapan(skorts/skirt/shorts).

I have several in different materials and brands.

This one is from Suite of Rooms, a indoor-inner wear- pyjama brand.

I always thing is important to match my outfit with my underwear, I don’t know why people don’t like to talk or show what kind of underwear they use, when it can make a big difference in how your outfit looks.

So that’s why I wear a matching colour bra. Even if I don’t use the camisole, you will see a blue stripe, that in my opinion looks better that showing hot pink, black or really worn out bra straps.

And of course I’m obscene with matching underwear, I really don’t like to wear different colour underwear, I love matching, at least the colour.

Or a bra with nice straps, Victoria Secret’s used to sell lovely bras with very intricate bra straps, jewels glitter, lace when I was a teenager.

I loved how lovely and elegant it looked, and it might be one of the reasons why I’m so obscene with beautiful underwear.

              giphy Dressgiphy



I wanted to show you the beautiful details and materials of this dress.

In full detail, the fabric is so soft and the elastic waistband make it so comfortable.

I love how can simple details can make an outfit so unique.

Liz Lisa might not be a super cheap brand, but most of the clothes have details and pieces that make it worth the price.

It comes with a shinny mesh underskirt and a slip.


Thanks for reading.

And please share what are the undergarment of important pieces that make an outfit not also extra special but comfortable to wear too.

Love, Eden…



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