My Liz Lisa Sweet Style Lucky Bag 2016 UPDATE*


This was a fun “happening” as my boyfriend often complain about me wearing  overly cute clothes outside of Japan.

I order the casual style lucky bag, as I didn’t knew the content. And  I wanted to have different styles of lucky bags.

But today when my boyfriend start spamming me with pictures of my parcel.


First thing I notice is that the jacket I got was from the sweet style Fukubukuro.


I didn’t mind at all, but on the other hand I was super happy for the happening. When I saw the lucky bags content I personally liked more the sweet style, I loved the skirt and the blouse, plus the jacket of the casual set look very similar to one of my latest purchaise from Allamanda.


And I didn’t like the skirt at all from the Casual style Lucky Bag.


So I wasn’t happy when I saw the sweet style had more clothes that I liked than the casual one.

The blouse is super cute, the collar has lace and a nice velvety bow.



The skirt and the blouse goes really nice together.


I loved every since detail,the bottoms, the colour of the skirt and the flower print.



I really like the print.


Of course this bag is smaller than the My Melody one for this year.


I wasn’t sure if I 100% like the all the bows on the sides. But now I don’t mind.


The inside is simpler, just 2 open pockets.


Thanks for reading, as soon as I can I’ll update better quality photos.(UPDATED)

I can’t wait to try all this beautiful items on.


If you like it and want to see more of my recent and my Liz Lisa 2015/20216 Liz Lisa collection. Please follow me, like and comment.



Love, Eden…

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