Liz Lisa Winter Accessories HAUL


I’m back after some really unproductive months, my camara and computer broke twice in the last 2 months. So that kept me away from my blog for some time.

I returned with a updated Liz Lisa Winter HAUL


Last week I was debating between closing my blog or changing what I blog about, after waiting for months for Liz Lisa to reveal next years “Lucky Bag”, on Friday when I was going to buy it on the pre-sale, I got super angry and dissapointed after seeing how much it cost and how it look on the inside, 2 years ago the suitcases were a dream, nice material, almost half the price and super cute, this year the outside of the only suitcase available, there was only 2 lucky bags for sale this year, one that looks like the bag my mom use to storage frozen stuff at the supermarket, and this My Melody suitcase that is poorly made, expensive and black and plain on the inside, I didn’t bought it was just not worth it in my opinion. Since summer this year, the items I purchaise from Liz Lisa had been decrease considerably, because I’m just not feeling, it doesn’t have the same hime gyaru, kawaii, femenine vibe it used to.

After talking with my Gals, at the Liz Lisa Amino group and seeing most of them feels let down by the brand too, I just don’t know, I like posting, buying and review what’s in season, and now I like the old stuff more, so if I dont’ buy Liz Lisa stuff, then what am I going to upload on my blog?


Anyway heres the updated pictures of my haul, I need to step up my winter kawaii game.


I got items on SALE on the Rakuten’s official Liz Lisa store.


Most of them were half the price.


I like this pair more, because it has this smart phone tech, so I don’t have to take them on.


Plus the furry strip on the second pair, doesn’t fit when I’m wearing most of my coats, so I haven’t been able to use them 😦


This ones are a little bit thin, though.


I’m wating for the snow to come to use this hat.


I’m please to see this kind of hats on the shopping centre this season. This one has a stripe that adjust if your head is small like mine.


This is my favourite coat so far.


It goes well with my normal clothing and my super cute Liz Lisa stuff too.


Sadly I bought the blue gloves to pair them with this coat, or my white My melody coat, but the fur of the gloves doesn’t fit, so when I wear them I can’t pull it all the way up, and it looks kind of funny and feels like they are going to slip.


Thanks for reading, sorry for my previous, rant for the moment, I will only upload the content I had prior to my camara broke. I just bought my camara 2 months ago, and it broke again. Not sure it buying a new one right now or not.


Love, Eden.

PS: Do you want me to post a review or more info on the content released of 2017 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro?

Maybe after New Years, when you can see everything that comes in the bag, and the items are mostly of my liking, I might buy them. Or just wait till they are available for individual sell.

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