Sanrio Kawaii Stationary Haul

Small Sanrio Haul:

♥︎My Melody

♥︎Hello Kitty

♥︎Twin Stars

♥︎Sugar Bunnies

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Must Try Japanese Drugstore Beauty Items

Since lately I have only posted about my bunnies, here’s a small drugstore japanese Haul, most of this items can be found in any drugstore, department stores and stores like Don Quijote (Donkihote/ドンキホテル).

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My experience successful Rabbit bonding story And Steps to Bond Your Rabbit


After 2 months, my bunnies are finally bonded, it took us longer than others, but we wanted Sumomo (the grey bunny) to settle down before bonding, as Aibon was scared and ran away from her, so we didn’t want to force the situation before she was used to living with us.


Luckily as you read in my previous post she’s a very sweet and friendly bunny and she adjusted very quickly to our family.

I also wanted to share my story as I couldn’t find any advice in bonding young bunnies (not sexually mature yet) from different moms.


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We got a second bunny – bonding baby rabbits

We didn’t plan to have 2 bunnies, but as we got the hang of it, and even though I spent lots of time with my first bunny, she’s more active at night and very early in the morning, around 4 am. And I started to notice she got bored once she got used to us.

I highly recommend that if you are considering to have a bunny don’t make the same mistake and think that if having 2 bunnies is not impossible, to get a bounded couple or 2 babies at the same time.

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Taking care of your bunny – healthy snacks & toys

Hi, everyone…

Lately I been wanting to focus my blog on my bunny&everyday life, as well as Japan travel tips.

So I decided to make Haul post for my rabbit too, she’s been with us for more than a month, I we are trying to make her as comfy and entertain as possible.

The main focus when buying stuff for your bunny is filling their basic needs:





~Finding food/treats

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Beginners guide to rabbitsPart 2 What you need to buy


thmagicbunny.gif~c200Beginners guide to rabbitsPart 2 What you need before getting a rabbit:
REUPLOAD!! Sorry but my page got some troubles and erased part of this post and pictures, this is the updated and restore version!

Either if you are planning to adpot your bunny from a shelter or get it from a breeder. There’s some stuff you need to get set. As most shelters ask you to have everything your pet might need ready at least one week before bringing your new friend home.


So before we decide which rabbit to adopt we bought everything we knew our new bunny needed, so here is my bunny starter kit list:

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Beginners guide to rabbits Part 1 DIET



Last couple of months I was away, one of the reasons why  is because… I addopt a rabbit!!!

My husband and I decide to addopt a Netherlands dwarf rabbit, after months of researching, trying to decide which pet was ideal for us at the moment and finding the perfect furry friend.

That’s why I decided to share my journey, tips and cares for rabbits.

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