Taking care of your bunny – healthy snacks & toys

Hi, everyone…

Lately I been wanting to focus my blog on my bunny&everyday life, as well as Japan travel tips.

So I decided to make Haul post for my rabbit too, she’s been with us for more than a month, I we are trying to make her as comfy and entertain as possible.

The main focus when buying stuff for your bunny is filling their basic needs:





~Finding food/treats

We pretty much filled all her needs, we still trying to find a digging box that she likes.

We get her some toys for her to chew on and for foraging, there’s some veggie feeding balls, but we prefer to get her an Alfalfa hay wreath instead, we tried hanging veggies but she wasn’t feeling it.

Feeding several types of hay and grass to your bunny is ideal, also during the first year of their life is important for them to eat Alfalfa hay.

As is higher in calories, but as they grow older it should be switch to Timothy hay to prevent obesity.

We buy treats for our rabbit to help her chew, we used to give her DIY cardboard/paper toys, but she starting eating too much.

We try to choose the healthiest snacks we can find, dry petals, hay cubes, veg/fruit cookies and some sticks to hang.

But is kind of difficult to find them without seeds, lucky my bunny doesn’t like seeds and just don’t eat it at all.

It’s the first time that we buy her hanging toys, and so far she really like it, so in the future we will get her more.

This kind of brushes is really helpful when it comes to picking up hay and poop.

We kind of splurge buying this bed, £24, but it has a heating pouch.

There’s a lot of heat patches devices for pets, but most aren’t pretty.

so even if it was a little bit pricy it doubles up as a bed.

Thank you for reading…

Love, Eden♡

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