Arranging Bunny Home & DIY Toy Ideas For Bunnies


We have spent the last weeks trying to make our baby bunny home as cozy and entertaining as possible.


So I’ll share with you a video of how we arrange her house, a small Haul and some ideas for DIY toys for your rabbit.



We still had some stuff from our list missing that we just recently bough:

Some dried herbs/healthy snacks


My baby bunny loves dandelion flowers, roses and mint, I started growing them in my garden naturally a few months ago, but most of the flowers fell with the strong winds and rain, so while we wait for more to grow, we bought her some dried ones.


97064b95051e43f88d813721ed2cd825My bunny gets bored of eating the same food too often, she also doesn’t like eating too much fruit, she would eat little bit of melon, banana, etc once one day and she would not want to eat the same for days or weeks. That’s why my husband got her this healthy treats to bribe her.

Litter tray scoop


We are still litter training her, and ocassionally we have to pick poops outside of her tray, so we decide to get a pink one 😛

♡ and a soft brush.


I bought her a kitty brush, as her fur is very short and we didn’t want a hard or metal brush.


hk.gif~c200 Arraning my bunny house:



We are constantly trying to change the display of her house or add more toys.


As we don’t want her to get bored and chew the borders of her house.


Also a tip to litter train your bunny is to put more than one litter tray in ther house.


We used a cardboard box next to this wooden house we got her.


We can always get lots of boxes, so we dont mind her chewing it or changing it often, is a great and inexpensive substitute if you shop a lot online or have access to free boxes.


She prefers a small house so we got her this one, that she loves, we tried making one out of a box but for a strange reason it was the only box she tried to destroy  all night and day :O .


In the video you can see how we transform her previous cardboard house into a litter tray, we also made a base for her house to make it easy to pick up her used hay, and some DIY toys we made out of willow tree sticks and balls.


And more funny moments, as she couldn’t wait to play in her new house.





Thank you for reading, please check my videos for extra content, feel free to like, comment and susbcribe.


♡ Love Eden& Ai♡ 

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