Liz Lisa Winter Haul #2 Tenso/Rakuten service 



I got 4 items at the begining of this month, with their Winter sales from their Winter Collection.

I used the Tenso service for buying items from Japan or other Japanese websites that only delivers inside of Japan, all the haul was purchase at the official Liz Lisa shop of Rakuten.




If you are interest in a review. Please tell me, I’m still waiting for my other packages to arrive,so after everything arrives. I’ll be glad to write a full review on the Tenso service.

Back to the haul, my package arrived today at my boyfriends house. So he quickly sent me pictures of my purchase. So it’s not the best quality pictures. But still I wanted to share it with you.

Later when I get the rest of my purchase I’ll update this post. With better pictures.


The first item I got was this beautiful coat, I wanted it in blue, but it was the first colour to ran out.



¥8,478 (50%OFF)

When I saw it was half price, I couldn’t resist it. Even if it wasn’t the colour I want. I got it in colour Pink.


It doesn’t look pink to me it’s more of a camel colour.


It look really nice in white too, but I already purchased another coat in  white. But I don’t regret buying it in this colour. It looks gorgeous.

The gloves were in the must item collection.

Plus it had a 70% discount, costing ¥1,328.
【代引手数料無料】【SALE】【WINTER_ITEM】LIZ LISA(リズリサ)パール付きリボン手袋
商品番号 15295820

価格 1,328円 (税込) 送料別


I have small hands. So most gloves are kind of big on me.

So I was glad this beautiful gloves were on discount.


Also has a touch feature. That allows you to digit on your phone without taking it off.




From the Winter must item collection too, I got this gloves in blue too.

【代引手数料無料】【SALE】【WINTER_ITEM】LIZ LISA(リズリサ)ケーブルダブルリボンミトン

価格 1,328円 (税込) 送料別

It was in discount too so it only cost me ¥1,328.



 And lastly I got this fake fur beret.

【SALE】LIZ LISA(リズリサ)フェイクファーベレー
価格 2,484円 (税込) 送料別



Thanks for reading. Hope you like the haul, follow me for more Liz Lisa hauls, gyaru and kawaii fashion.

Love, Eden…

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