My Baby Bunny first day at home| Video Blog


As promised here’s my baby bunny Aibon’s day 1 at home and her first reactions.



She was so nervous for the first minutes, one of the recommendatios we got was to let her get used to her cage for 48 hours minimun before handeling her.


Even though my bunny is very relax and just after 10 minutes she felt so at home that she started playing and eating, we didn’t want to stress her too much.


So we gave her space, some pellets, fresh hay and a dried dandelion flowers, as she is used to eating or stealing it from her mom’s bowl 😛 to be more exact.


You can see how by giving her space, food and toys she was so relax that she didn’t had to hide and she just lay down and started chewing her cardboard tunnel.


Please do not try to handle your rabbit righ away and respect his or her space when asked, do not wait for your bunny to retreat as your bunny would think the only way to get space and be safe is to hide from you.


I also included a small video of my bunny grooming herself and making funny faces XD.

I hope you enjoy it, as I’m very excited to share our journey together.

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Love, Eden&Aibon

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