Why I choose a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit


As you might have notice from my previous posts, I adopt a rabbit!!! So I wanted to share the story of why we decided to get one.



It took us sometime before deciding what pet to get, for the moment it was more suitable for us to adopt a smaller pet. We narrow our list to dwarf hamsters, chinchillas, Guinea Pigs to rabbits.


Our neighbour have Guinea Pigs, and I always enjoy seeing them run on the backyard in sunny days and all the cute noises they make, chinchillas are too active, I’m used to have bigger pets you can carry, play with and hug, so when it came to dwarf hamsters I was scare they might scape the cage and how difficult is to find them.


We did a lot of research about rabbits, and that’s why we decided to get the smallest breed of rabbits, the Netherland Dwarf.

Bare in mind that rabbits are not particulary known to like to be hold, play or be pet, like cats and dogs.

Also when it comes to care they are high maintenance, they need same basic care like dogs and cats, and:


Nail grooming
Parasite treatment 2 a year
Flee treatment according to vet*
Vaccines according to vet*
It might need tooth checkouts and grooming, need vet advice if needed*

Plus they have a very strict diet, which I detailed on my previous blogs.thmyAvatar_17002491_1β˜†To read click hereβ˜†


Then we were searching for the rabbit we wanted, we werent care about the colour of their fur, to me they all look cute, we just wanted to make sure we got our bunny from happy well care parents.


We found two ladies that foster and rescue rabbits and other animals privately, so we arranged an adoption from one of them.

I would strongly advice you to adoptrather than buying it from some random person, and you don’t know in which kind of condition their bunnies are. Other advantage from adopting from a shelter most are microchip, vaccinated and sterilize when you get them and the cost of this is included in the recovery fee.

If you choose to buy a rabbit, make sure the breeder will give you all the information you need to decide if you should get a rabbit from them, pictures, videos, infor like the sex and age, what they currently eating. They should let you go visit them and check in which conditions the rabbits live, and that they are in fact with their mom, also that the mom and the babies have to look clean and healthy.

Please do not accept any animal that are still in the stage to only feed from their moms milk, there’s some ignorant and heartless people who don’t care and buy too young animals, and that can result in health issues and underdevelopment growth.Β Β 

Rabbits need to be at least 8 weeks old to be ready for adoption.

First we checked pets4homes a UK website that allow breeders and privates to set adoptions and selling pets of all ages. The thing with this website is theres not a way to check their rating, the website only provide guidelines for what you should avoid or the minimum cares and state of the pet should have.

Prices vary between Β£20 to Β£60-70 GBP.Β  That’s the average cost for both breeders and adoption recovery fees from rescue centres.

We spotted some fishy advertisements, were they try to coerce you to pay for a visit! With the people I talked they never asked me to pay to arrange a visit. What’s normal is to give a small deposit after you met the breeder and pet in person to assure both parties are secure.Β Meaning that if you like the pet and agree with the way in which your future pet is being taking care of. And it’s a pretty rational thing to do in my opinion. Some people lack formality and might tell you how much they want the kitty, puppy or rabbit, and then they would never contact you again or back of for no reason at the last moment.

Prices vary between Β£20 to Β£60-70 GBP.


cake-animated-gif-3.gifNow let me show you the bunny I adopt!


This were the pictures provided from the nice lady who was giving my rabbit for adoption.


She is a lovely lynx doe.


Lynx is the name for this creamy light colour.


Doe is the way they call female rabbits.


A buck is a male rabbit.


Other thing I read when I was researching what is a doe and a buck, LOL.


Is that most people prefer bucks(male) rabbits, as they are supposedly more friendly than does(females).

The thing with any male animal is, they like to mark their territory. And!! even if they are male they do need to be sterilize!!!

I had took care of several male and female cats and dogs, and I personally prefer female pets, sometimes even after being sterelize males, they once in a while pee on your stuffΒ  >:C. Also with females you don’t have to worry about touching weird parts when rubbing their tummies >_<.


This is my rabbit, we named it あいぼん♑(Aibon), she was so lovely we wanted her name to mean love, so we called her Ai(ζ„›).

Aibon is her nickname as I’m a Morning Musume fan since growing up, and I always liked the nickname Kago Ai had, Aibon.


And also I was a fan of Hamataro, in which Mini Moni Kago Ai subgroup appear as γƒŸγƒ‹γƒγƒ γš Mini Hamuzu.

I know they are hamsters, and even though I got a bunny instead, I wanted her to have a kawaii name, LOL.


She is chubbier and fluffier than her brother which I met too, but he was already reserved.


She is very tame, and from the pictures you can see she loves to be hold, and she would just stay still calm and chew my hair and ears XDD.

The family showed me her mom and how calm she is, and how she let’s their little girl to hold her and play with her.


β˜†I’m waiting for my new lens to take better quality pictures, so wait for more pictures soon, . And I’m planning to do diary vlogs and post with her.


β˜†Thanks for reading.


β˜†Love, Eden&Ai


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