Liz Lisa Autumn Haul


There’s being some serious discounts on the Liz Lisa official website, so I had to get something from it.

I haven’t liked that much the latest Liz Lisa collections, so that’s why I stopped for a while to purchaise Liz Lisa, and I was waiting for them to drop the prices of the old stuff.


I loved they released the rest of the Liz Lisa’s 2016 Fukubukoro for individual sale, because I really liked them and got that chance to buy them all.


When I saw this jumper dress, I didn’t thought twice I put it on my basket right away.


It’s getting colder lately, and this is one of the thickers jumpers from Liz Lisa that I own.


The Ribbon details are super cute.


I really like that is autum/winter proof and pretty.


This dress was super cute and I’m so glad I was able to get it.


It’s very flattering with the high waisted bow accent.


The back is simple though, but it makes it more wearable, I can’t wait to go out on it, maybe when it’s colder so I can wear it with my high boots.


Again a more simple dress, but with sutile pretty details.


Again the bow on the front.


Again matching buttons.


Last I need a plain lazy days sweatshirt, and when I saw this one it’s not the most Liz Lisa looking per-se.


I know there is much prettier ones, but those were still in that price where if I purchaise it I wouldn’t have like a good excuse to pay that much for a sweatshirt, even though I love sweatshirts and my Creamy Mami one went missing :(. And also I would feel to self concious about dripping oatmeal on a expensive super cute one.


The last item I purchaise is from the 2016 Fukubukuro’s, I really wanted this jumper, but if you being reading me I didn’t got because I was sent the wrong style Fukubukuro.


So I was really glad the release it and it was on sale.


It’s made from the same material as the jumper dress.


I like the thick neck


Simple but still girly.


Sorry because I haven’t post anything lately, but this package took longer to arrive, plus I being little busy sorthing my wedding, that is going to take place this month, so I wanted to post more before I’m gone for that. I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Not sure if I’m giving too much explanations because I really don’t post personal stuff on this blog.

Anyway, please stay tune for more post, and also would you like me to do wedding realted content?

I’m going to post another Novelty Liz Lisa soon.

Wishing you all a nice mid-week.


Love, Eden.



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