Must Try Japanese Drugstore Beauty Items

Since lately I have only posted about my bunnies, here’s a small drugstore japanese Haul, most of this items can be found in any drugstore, department stores and stores like Don Quijote (Donkihote/ドンキホテル).

This mask were really popular among young women and AKB48 fans, specially as Tomomi from AKB48 started to gain fame as a magazine model.

I really like this mask, because of the cute pink design and strawberry kind of scent.

For the past years this kind detoxing feet sachets have became popular, I have tried many as depending of the scent it have many different proprieties, from relaxing like this lavender one to help you with swollen legs.

You only follow the simple instructions and stick them to your feet preferable when you are sleeping, as the heat from your body helps the sachet to release its properties and be absorbed through the palms of your feet. The only downside to this products is that the content of the sachet can turn too sticky and is annoying to remove.

Another health product are this amazing cool refreshing sheets for your body, this item is treasure and an excellent purchase if you are planning to walk a lot during your stay in Japan.

You can simply put them on your legs, back or any sore part of your body excluding of course the face and sensitive areas, as the scent might be too strong, but it works excellent!!!

This particular one have a mentol kind of scent but there’s other fragrances like orange for swollen legs. I can’t say if it really helps with that, but at least this ones with it’s refreshing scent is wonderful for sore muscles, I love to put them on after a hard workout and the next day the pain is almost gone.

Once more this Tea tree mask sheets are a most to get when traveling to Japan, excellent as souvenirs for the Hello Kitty or sheet mask fans.

This items are really cheap compared to similar products, it’s not excellent quality but good for its price.

I always like to try new items and this were feature by several Japanese YouTubers, again not a luxurious product, but an affordable option if you are always trying new beauty products.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be posting more often more hauls from Japan.

♥︎ Love, Eden ♥︎

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