We got a second bunny – bonding baby rabbits

We didn’t plan to have 2 bunnies, but as we got the hang of it, and even though I spent lots of time with my first bunny, she’s more active at night and very early in the morning, around 4 am. And I started to notice she got bored once she got used to us.

I highly recommend that if you are considering to have a bunny don’t make the same mistake and think that if having 2 bunnies is not impossible, to get a bounded couple or 2 babies at the same time.

So we thought about getting her a sister before she hit the 4-6 month mark.

We decided this as we did not want to have to worry about spaying them too early.

Netherlands dwarfs are very small animals and we prefer to wait till they are 6 months or 1kg as the vets recommend.

There’s so much information out here about when, how and which combination of bunnies are best to pair.

And one contradicts the other, saying that male/male is the worst, female/female not so bad or not recommended; to wait 3 weeks after spaying them. To spay them when they are 4 months, etc.

I can not say which pair is better, as this are my first bunnies, and I’m not planning to have more bunnies at the same time.

With my experience with cats and dogs I prefer to have all females, all spay.

We are still bonding them, and luckily we are not having having the problems I seen other owners had experiences, like excessive nipping, chasing or being extremely aggressive.

When we are certain that they are completely bonded I might do a video and post about the whole process.

There’s so many information and methods about bonding which is confusing, so far I recommend reading a lot and then decide based on the personalities of the 2 bunnies, be prepare to have gloves and a dust pan to separe them if they start nipping.

We also didn’t want to wait till Aibon our first bunny was spayed as we want to wait till she’s 6 months, and then it might be more complicated searching for a bunny of similar size, compatible personality and age.

In my experiences bonding babies or before they are sexually mature is best, as they are less territorial, easy to handle and not as strong as an adult and can’t inflict severe wounds as and adult to a younger one, or on the other hand adopting old pets, as they are also more calm.

But this is only my experience and my preference, please do not make judgments it all depends on the personality of the animal. Now I would like to introduce you to my new baby.

Her name is すもも(Sumomo), in japanese it means plum or prune.

She’s very sweet, round and a blue otter bunny, very friendly and outgoing (*´∇`*), so I think the name suits her perfectly.

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment and subscribe as I’ll be posting about the bonding process and more 。。。

Also you can follow my bunnies insta account for daily updates and cute pictures.


(ᵔᴥᵔ) And their latest videos:

♡Love: Eden, Aibon & Sumomo ♡

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