Beaty Diary 1: Favourite relaxing/pampering products

Here all share my current favourites, my daily products, what I’m currently testing. In a more relax format so I can post more often, and share daily experiences… In this occasion I wanted to show you my favourite relaxing/pampering products.

ACEVIVI Hair Brush Straightner Review

I was walking on a mall like 2 months ago and I saw they were selling this type of brushes, they one I tried was awesome, but kind of pricy so I decide not to buy it and try buy one on Amazon. But it was difficult to try to find a good one, as […]

Kao – Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color (Rose Tea Brown) Review

I bought this hair dye not so recently but I didn’t got to use it, so my roots were showing my previous hair dye was already washout I decide it to give it a try. I got mine on Japan, but you can get it at YesStyle, this hair dye is not so cheap in […]

Fresh Light Champagne Pink Hair Dye Review

If you had seen my japanese drugstore tour, or you are familiar with the large variety of japanese hair dye brands available. You might seen this brand before, so when I visit Japan I couldn’t miss the oportunity to try this product.

Winter Skin Care routine products feat Melvita

This time I wanted to share with you this brand, it’s a French skin care brand, still I found it on a trip to the Sky Tree at the Tokyo Solamachi Mall. Melvita is a pioneer and expert in organic beauty care, MELVITA is France’s leading ecological and organic beauty brand.

Beauty HACKS Hair/scalp detox carbonated water treatment for glossy healthier hair 

If you want shinnier, glossier and healthier hair. This cheap easy hair treatment is a good option for you. I have being using this beauty hack for the past weeks. It’s a good option to detox your scalp and clean all the residues from it. Having a clean scalp it can improve the health of […]

MISSHA Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask HACKS 3 ways to use

I love that this mask can be use in conjuction with the soap and nose pack, or alone in any of their many ways to use, such as a clay mask, to get rid of blackheads and to dry out pimples. For knowing 3 hacks/ways to fully use this mask, continue reading…