Visiting a supermarket in Minami-Senju in Japan – Food in a budget in Japan

I thought it would be fun to show you all little bit of the everyday life in Japan, starting by sharing how supermarkets are in Japan.   I lived in Minami-Senju near Sky Tree Tower. This town has been showcase in several trip related tv shows As a jewel for foreigners, because of their nice […]

♡♥︎My first time in a maidcafe// Cafe maid experience ♥︎♡

c  I always being a big fan of maidcafes, for some this might be odd, geeky or weird. There’s a misconception about maidcafes of course there’s places that are exclusively for men. But there’s a wide range of maid cafes for everybodies taste, kids, girls and men they all can enjoy many things that maid […]