Liz Lisa Novelty Collection Part 2.


I think most people don’t know much about Liz Lisa’s Novelty goodies. As this are only

available when you get them from the physical shops in Japan, sometimes, only available in certain Liz Lisa’s shop like the one in Parco at Ikebukuro.

That’s why I wanted to share with you my collection of Novelty products from Liz Lisa.

A Novelty product is a gift you get from the shop, when your purchase reaches certain amount of money.


You can get one of the novelties, but they are not available all year long.


This is the second Liz Lisa Novelty I got from the store, I really wanted to get the rug.

But it was already SOLD OUT :(.


It’s a simple light pink bag, but the bows and lace on the side, make it a cute accent.


Is a small Liz Lisa bag, the quality obviously is not the same as the other bags from the shop, but it’s still pretty.


And good size, I use it when I go supermarket or to the park, so I can wear Liz Lisa without worrying that my cute bags would get damage.


Thanks for reading, and plase keep following for more of Liz Lisa posts.


Love, Eden.

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