Japanese drugstore make up HAUL


I wanted to share this small Japanese haul…


I got some lip moisturising mask, in flavour Herb and Peach, according with the package it can be use on the nipples too, (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.).

Since I saw the ones from Étude House I wanted to buy it. But I chooses this at Donky because it was 200 yen, so it was a lot cheaper.

It’s a lip mask that contains:



Hyalluronic Acid

And an eye mask. That can be use around the corners of the mouth too.




Hyalluronic Acid

I got some eyelashes from Luminous Change in 07 Simple eye and Dolly Wink in 18 Natural Girly.

Both have a very natural look, it comes in 5 pairs.

I love Japanese lashes. Because they have many looks. From very natural to super glamorous lashes. And it’s super easy to apply thanks to their super transparent  slim strips.

This package come with 2 pairs. And it’s a very natural look. It gives kind of a simple mascara look.

Japan has the best felted tip  eyeliners in my opinion. And I heard so much about heroin make, so I got this “smooth liquid eyeliner” Kiss Me, in black.

Lastly I got this from the 200 yen store. It’s a lovely bloating sheets hello kitty package.

Plus it’s super cute and it pops out.

I like the material of the sheets. It’s a rice paper texture. Not like the flimsy plastic ones from Clinique.
🌸🎀(Love Eden)🎀🌸



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