Visiting a supermarket in Minami-Senju in Japan – Food in a budget in Japan

I thought it would be fun to show you all little bit of the everyday life in Japan, starting by sharing how supermarkets are in Japan.   I lived in Minami-Senju near Sky Tree Tower. This town has been showcase in several trip related tv shows As a jewel for foreigners, because of their nice […]

Shimamura/BIG CAMERA Random HAUL Hello Kitty instax mini, OLIVE des OLIVE, Creamy Mami and Japanese lingerie

Few Weeks ago I went to the Minami Senju Tralala shoping centre, that’s it’s really close to where I llive. Theres some  cute small stores, plus a decent size DAISO, UNIQLO and Shimamura, that is a decent quality shop where you can find nice bargains once in a while, from futons, Rilakkuma-Hello Kitty towels and flip […]

A trip to Takeshita Street / Harajuku 

A few days ago l went to Takeshita street. First advice if you are planning to visit this famous fashion place. Go early, most shops close at 8:30, compare to Ikebukuro and Shibuya were you can find shops open till late.