Miffy little HAUL & Travel Essencials


Hi!!! I’m backwith a very cute haul, I love Miffy and Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma. And I got some really cute and useful stuff.

First thing I got is this super cute makeup bag from Women’secret. This is a European brand that sells underwear, nightwear and travelling, bathingsuits. It’s not as pricy as Victoria’s Secrets, but very good quality items.


And they often do collabs with cute characters like: Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Miffy of course and so on.


Last time I went to Spain, I saw they had Miffy collab items, and of course I had to get some, I got a underwaer pack, this makeup bag and a pair of slippers.

Out of all the items I got my favourite or the ne I have been using the most is this one.


It comes withΒ  lots of pockets and a small detachable pouch.

It’s very practical and everytime I travel I always take it with me.

I’ll take this oportunity to show you my travel essentials
Some of this products you have seen them in my previous hauls, like the Etude House Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder In Mist, the Silk Scarf Damage Care Hair Ampules, and the Etude House Sleeping Pack.
Bringing some extra care when you travel can be important. Water minerals, airplanes, weather, different diet, can make changes in the quality and codition of your hair and skin, so I always try to bring with me something to releif the stress is a most.
I really care more about taking care of my skin than using a lot of different makeup products, so when I travel most of my items I carryΒ  are skincare related.
But when it comes to my most used products I can’t live without are lip and eye/eyebrow products. As they can lift up your complexion and make you look more lively. As you can see this bag can storage lots of products, and still I still had extra room for my perfume, shampoo/conditioner bottles.
I got this slippers because there were from the same collab than the makeup bag.

I thought they looked really cute, but didn’t notice the bunnies are showing their underwear till my husband pointed it out LOL!
I didn’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll put the Rilakkuma haul into another post.
I also purchased more Miffy items after I took this pictures. But till I buy another lense for my camara 😦 I won’t be able to share it with you yet.

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment, like and subscribe and let me know if you liked this kind of small hauls and travelling beauty tips.
I hope you are enjoying the sun and the blooming of the flowers.

Love, Eden


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