Beaty Diary 1: Favourite relaxing/pampering products

Here all share my current favourites, my daily products, what I’m currently testing. In a more relax format so I can post more often, and share daily experiences…

In this occasion I wanted to show you my favourite relaxing/pampering products.



I’m always trying face mask. So it would be really difficult for me to do a review on each individually, so I’ll share my current favourite.

This products are trending in Asia. But not a lot of people knows about this. I tried different brands and bought them even in big packages. This are the relaxing ones, but there’s detoxifying, anti-bloating, refreshing and many more.

This products is being feature by many youtubers, as a favourite for travelling.I like them so much  that soon I’ll have to restock.

When it comes to relaxing, of course it’s another lavender product,this time in the form of bath salts. I love to take long baths and this salts are my favourite so far.

This gel lip masks, are also a very popular product in Japan. That’s my I gave some away on Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY.

Lastly this eye mask from ETUDE HOUSE, are also my favourites. That’s  why I wanted you try it too and included on my GIVEAWAY.

This aren’t gel. But a thin paper. Which dries out as your skin absorb the essence of the mask.


I love this app. It makes all my selfies extra pretty.

Thanks for reading …

Love, Eden.

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