My Eyelash Extension Experience *UPDATED*

I got eyelash extensions twice, in 2 different places, two completely different experiences.
**Please even if you had read the post before and wanted to see more of the comparison, check it again, I found some more pictures I couldn’t include last time from the both types of eyelash extension I got.**


So I wanted to share my experience with you, in case you want to try eyelash extensions and want to know more.


I have some tips for you to have inconsideration, so you can enjoy your eyelashes to the max.

First time I got eyelash extensions, was in a recommended place.

My sister came home once with beautiful lashes, she has very Asian straight-down short lashes. So I was amazed of seeing the drastic change.

So she nicely told me where to get it done and booked me an appointment.



thing I think is very important, if you have never done it before, like me. Is to go to a  recommended place, or where you can see their work.

What I do before going to a new hair or nail salon, is too search the ones around me. Then check their website, facebook, instagram. And thanks to this tools you can see reviews but also the kind of work and style they have.



Thing that I didn’t knew when I tried in another salon, is to know the type of Eyelashes and glue they use. You will understand what I mean about the glue, is when they told you how long eyelashes are going to last.


As I tried to document myself about the type of lashes that are available I come across with a explanation of the kind of lashes that are not truly lash extensions or that you should avoid if you want a natural-more lasting result.


This kind of lashes give you “volume”  but you have to be very careful that they are not putting you the ones with more than 4, otherwise.


It doesn’t look natural and it’s super obvious when your true lashes start growing. As after they put it on, the band looks too think,almost as the ones in false eyelashes you buy at the drugstore.


The thickness of the band does not allow the eyelash extension to adjust perfectly to your eyelash as if instead they had apply  individual lashes.


So I recommend to go for the  Individual lashes. They last long, when your eyelash grows is not that obvious, and if they fall you won’t lose half of your new pretty  eyelashes, but just one.


Do not worry that much about the thickness or curl, just try to explain what type of eyelash design you want but more importantly what you do not want. That’s why it’s very important that you choose where to get it done. Don’t feel bad about asking too much, or tell them to show you the eyelashes they use.unknown

Just ask nicely LOL. Is an investment and something that is going close to the eyes, so hygene is important and that they do it carefully, and also it wouldn’t be fair to go waste your time and money for something that you don’t like or is going to fall in 4 days. So do not be afraid to look bossy XDD (that’s what my sister call when we go together to a hair or nail salon).

Better to be sure theres comunication and understanding, than return home with 40 pounds of spider lengs that you hate to dead on your eyes that are going to fall tomorrow.


Now on to my experience, and that’s why I wanted to explain the types of eyelashes and longevity of the glue.

I was explained that theres 3 types of eyelash extensions when it comes to longevity, the second time that I went to get my eyelashes done.

  1. First one is the one some artist use for red carpets or important events or fancy parties, and only last for 1 day. Just for the ocassion.
  2. Second type are the ones that last for max 2 weeks, that they look more natural, the glue is softer on the eyelid, blah blah blah.

Third type last for months, they use a black glue and it might make the eyelash look thicker. This is the type I got the first time and that the ones featured on the pictures. This last more and I liked the best.


My Experience:

The second time that I got my lashes done.According to the hair salon staff, I got the ones that are supposed to last at least one month. The type I just explain, but they used a clear glue.

I got my eyelashes done on the 10th of September, I remember clearly because I got my eyelashes done because I was flying to Japan. I landed in Japan no lie not even day 4, my lashes were halfway on the floor, I already had my lashes done before so I knew how to remove my makeup carefully and take care of them. So this is why I do not have pictures of me with the lashes I got done for the trip. (By some miracle before my computer went to cyber heaven, I saved some pictures so this is the updated version with this pics)


My other lashes lasted from June to September, I still had some of the lashes from the other hair salon, so I was confident that the lashes were going to last through all the trip, as I flew back and forth from home to UK before.

Yes they were more comfy and look more natural, I got few compliments about them, BUT!!! Taking into consideration that they cost the same, I was super mad my lashes looked stupid because I already lost chunks and chunks of lashes and had empty spaces, like BIG! empty spaces and the white glue started to form this like white spiderweb threads.



Luckily my friend I had glue remover for eyelashes, and I removed the few I had left, and the ones I got  back in JUNE they were still there!!!Very few but they last more than the ones I got done 4 days before!!!

((The thicker ones from this pictures)).


SO I recommend to get done the ones that last for at least one month, and that they do not use the clear glue, my crazy friend that save my life apply her eyelash extensions herself, and use the same type of black glue that they use in the salons.

The eyelashes feel more hard and thick, so you have to get use to it, specially if you sleep on your sides, like me. Everytime I used those eyemasks from airplanes or sleep on my side, I felt like the lashes were stabbing my eye, I had to get used to my new lashes and ve  very careful not to add pressure to my eyelashes. ONLY NEGATIVE thing I could find to this type of lashes.

((Natural Lashes with just mascara))


((Individual lashes/Lasting 1-2 months))




I think this is one if not the longest review I ever done, but I felt I need it to explain my whole experience as well to introduce you a little bit more into the types of lash extensions available.



I fell like you don’t need eyeliner when you get this kind of eyelashes.

((Picture with makeup/after 1 month))


 I lost some lashes after one moth but  still looking good.

((Without makeup))


**Individual lashes/supposed to last 1-2 months with the WHITE GLUE (that only lasted 1 week at most)**

This picture was 2 days after I arrived in Japan.


You can see some of the glue and how spars the eyelashes look from eachother.


This is 3 or 4 days after, more bold spaces 😦


This is the last picture I have of mysfel with the lash extensions, next morning they shed EVEN MORE, and look super stupid, like I only had 4 or 5 big lashes here and there. And decided to use the eyelash glue remover and buy some fake lashes at Donky ¬¬.


This ones look way better and it was a cheaper option. So don’t feel bad for only buying fake lashes at the drugstore. Some eyelash extensions are not worth the money.




Thanks for reading, I hope this review was somehow insightful, specially if you want to try eyelash extensions and you were trying to find more about them, please tell me if know you want to try it after reading this review.

Next Review:


(( Etude House Magic Any Cushion))

Thanks for reading.


Love, Eden…


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