♥︎♡♥︎Etude House Dr Lash REVIEW Part 1♥︎♡♥︎



Featured on my Etude House in Harajuku Haul, it took me few months to review this product, because I wanted to try it out well, before doing a review.



The set comes with:

giphyDr Lash Essence-Primer, Long & Volume (The tall tube).

This one is a base coat for your mascara, making your eyelashes longer, less clumpy and less spidery. And it was quite tricky to get the hang of it, as at first I would use it and then let it dry, and apply my mascara. And when I did this I really didn’t saw any difference.

bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4How to use:bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4

 Apply 1 to 2 coats, as it comes in a gel texture, it might became too thick and create tiny drops if you put too much. (*)


giphyDr Lash Ampule, Long & Volume:
This is the small tube, and is serum that give lenght and improve the growth of your eyelashes.

bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4How to use:bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4

I would suggest to apply 2 to 3 coats, but mainly focus on making sure you are evenly coating every eyelash.

This is a serum/night time eyelash treatment.

Side Note: be careful not to put it too close to the eyelid, as it might bother you, as it has a thick gel texture, almost the same as the  liquid from a face sheet mask.

giphy It also comes with a cardboard ruler, so you can meassure the improvement of your eyelash growth.



In order to show you how the Dr Lash Essence-Primer work, I apply the serum only on my left side, and apply mascara on both sides after.


This is How my Eyelashes look without any product.


This is how the side with the primer looks like:


(* You can see how as I describe it has some gel tiny drops when apply a thick coat)


This is how the side with the primer looks after applying mascara:


It’s little bit clumpy. But this product help me to have lmore ength that the mascara would give me by itself.


It helps my mascara to give me more lenght, without having to apply it over and over again, and it improves the texture of the mascara, as it doesn’t turn spidery and it distributes more evenly.


This is the side with only mascara, as you can see, little clumpy, but specially on the upper lashes you can see how my lashes look more clump together  and heavy.


When I use my mascara by itself, after few hours when it dries out, it flakes and gets everywhere inside my eye and it bothers the hell out of me.  And makes it more annoying to remove, as I have this small sand texture like pieces of mascara inside my eye, and it feels like I got dirt on my eye.

One of the reason I wasn’t a big fan of mascaras before, till I started using this product, and now I can use mascara without making my eyelashes look spidery and irritating my eyes.

I choosed the mascara  I regulary use for this review,  in order to know how the mascara works by itself and be able to notice if this primer did improve how my eyelash look, and if it make my mascara application better and improve the texture too.

The mascara I use is:  THICK & FAST, Lash-Extensions Effect Mascara by Soap & Glory.


Thanks for reading and please look forward for the next, review:


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Thanks for Reading.


Love, Eden…


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