Kids Fashion in Japan


I really wanted to do this blog and show you how pretty the kids/baby clothes in Japan is super cute and stylish, even though I don’t have kids yet, I got really existed about it ­čśŤ




I got some pictures from if you want to search and buy for cute kids clothes.


Some clothes are so cute, stylish but at the same time they look so comfy and fluffy that I want to buy it, sadly obviously they don’t have it in my size :(.


Hello Kitty baby clothes it’s so freaking cute!!!


What I like about it, is that most clothes are sets, so as a parent that sounds more  combinient because the prices are cheaper.


Adorable bear butt, oooh > w < !!!!


They have super cute Frozen, My Melody, Hello Kitty sets!!!


Such cute shoes…


I would totally wear this, I swear.


In my times there wasn’t cool clothes for kids like this ones ­čśŽ (grandma mode on).


Blankets!!! I was about to buy a blanket for me, but it was too heavy and big to put it on my suitcase booo.


All the clothes I seen are super good quality, like sometimes in Western countries they would have a super expensive Frozen or any Disney Princess clothes or PJ’s made out of a super cheap material, that looks almost like flimsy fabric kind of like┬áplastic, and the price would be so HIGH!, from stores like Walmart.


And they have big sections of towels with all of your favourite characters :D.


This bags are adorable, but too small for an adult to use it, I think is for carrying your lunch box.


And why not make your toilet Kawaii too??



Thanks for reading, I would like to know if you think this kids clothes are cute too?

Do you have kids? Would you buy this kind of clothes for them? Or if you are like me that even though you don’t have kids you still like to take a look on the kids section?



Love, Eden…




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