Sailor Moon HAUL


I was planning to do a Diary post as last week I went hiking, but sadly I fell down, injured my knee and broke my camera( I know, lame), so most of the new stuff I wanted to do won’t be possible till my new camera arrives, so I thought it was a good time to upload some stuff I left behind on my computer.


So I decide to make a small sailor moon haul.



I was not sure which sailor moon headphones should I get, as I saw 3 different ones

First I wanted the headphones, but when I saw them at Doky I really didn’t like how it looked, it looked too kiddy and a little bit cheap, that I decide to go for something more sutile, and get a compact case one.


I got this gatcha-gatcha Sailor Moon Transformation Compact at Japan


There’s so many kinds of pretty gashapon collectibles.


I just got this one though, because I kept getting the new sailor moon designs ones and I didn’t like those.


So I gave my friend the ones I didn’t want and kept this.


It has a small mirror and a divison.You can use it for medicine pills (kids, please don’t do drugs and use it for other kind of pills, LOL), bobby pins, I use it as a Eye Lash Case.


I don’t use fake eyelashes everyday, so I try to use mine not just once, but when I don’t have a small box to storage it, I tend to lost it or they get squished and bend. So this was a pretty practical way to store my lashes and give this a good use.


I got a pair of towels, from the 20th Sailor Moon anniversary.


At Akihabara in a collectible store, it was 500 yen for both.


So it was really really cheap for such cute, good quality towels. Not like the small towels that I bought once that are very rough on your skin.


Of course I had to get a Sailor Moon eyeliner. This wasn’t exactly the cheapest one out there, even though I bought it Japan. And surprisingly it wasn’t easy to get one, I visit tons of drugstores and Donky shops, and everytime I got there, there was only one or 2 of the eyeliners without the cap.


So luckily one day before coming back to the UK, on my last trip to Donky I got one.


So this was my small Sailor Moon HAUL, I didn’t inlcude detail pictures of the 2 glasses I got, because I gave one to my friend, and the other one I left it by accident at my moms house.


I got more pics on my instagram for you to check.


Thanks for reading.

Love, Eden.


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