Benefit Cosmetics Haul


I was searching for a new foundation and I saw Benefit was having a promotion so I bought few things and got some free samples too.

I tried this foundation because I wanted to find my exact shade, so with the help of a very nice shop assistant at the Benefit section choose the right one for me, now that I’m tan the one that matches my face and neck is “CHAMPAGNE”


I’m also more kin to try countoring and highlighting make up now, as theres lots of tutorials that make it look more easy this days.


Of course if you buy at Benefit you need to try it’s most selling product.


When you buy 3 of any  of their products, you get a bag with free samples, and my favourite is this one.


I really want to try this brightening eye cream, hope it works, as I hate using tons of concealer to hide my racoon looking under eye circles.


Another of their best selling products, that I want to try.


Eye shadow primer, I’m looking forward to find a nice primer, but not as expensive as the Naked brand one.



((The Logo is pink but the bad lighting make it look orange on the camara))

Some Eye make up remover, I don’t use mascara on daily basics, but always nice to know a product that removes make up easily.


Not a lot of samples, but this are products I was searching to find new favourites.


The bag is cute so I’m keeping it too,LOL.


Thanks for reading.


Love, Eden…

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