Secret Key – Snow White Milky Pack and Snow White Cream REVIEW


I wanted to do a review on this cream as this one of the most famous Brightening/whitening products out there, as supposedly it whitens your skin in minutes.

I couldn’t do this review early, because to be honest I receive this product on the mail some time ago at my boyfriends house, I try it for a bit, the results didn’t impress me enough and it’s a bother to use, so I forgot to bring it back home, and it just got lost inside a make up bag at his home.


How to Use:

puppy4Spread a light amount on the skin.

puppy4Leave it on for 15 minutes.

(Theres not an specific amount of time on for how long to keep it on, it feels like a very thick sun protector. It does not give a tingling sensation as other whitening creams like the Tomatox from TonyMoly. But I would suggest no more than 20 minutes, that’s the time lapse most  whitening creams give on their instructions.)

puppy4Rinse off.

puppy4Note: Remember to always use whitening products during the night or when you are 100% sure you are not going to be expose directly to the sun, as it makes your skin more sensitive.



(Mine it’s not exactly new so some part rub off)


When I bought it, it said this one was for the face and the tall bottle for the body, but others sites say the tall one is suitable for body and face.


As for this says for facial use only.

As I’m super disappointed with both products, and I personally think the jar one, the Snow White Cream 50g, results are even  less impressive, I suggest if you want to try it get the Milky Pack only.


I’ll show you how tan I was before trying the product. My skin is at least 4 shades lighter than it looks on the picture, I just went on holidays and got super orange tan :(.

It might be the lighting too, still I wanted to show you exactly how it looked on camera, no filters or anything.



I make the mistake too apply to much, the consistency of the cream is very sticky and thick so it’s difficult to spread.


I left it for 15 minutes and then try to rinse it. as you can see it wasn’t easy to do it, I’ll just got a sticky white mess. I had to rub with a wet towel to take it off, and my skin end up looking more read than whiter.


After rinsing the first coat and drying my arm I re-apply it, but this time just a light coat, I didn’t thoguht it would make any difference in the end results, as my arm didn’t looked any different.


You can tell how stricky it looks might be because I have hairy armpit, but I apply it all the way to my hand and back of the arm, that has 0 hair on it, and look exactly the same, a thick coat.


After a few more minutes and more effort trying to blend it in, it did look whiter, but not natural like when you apply sun block, were you can tell is the lotion and not the skin actually turning brighter.

 So it does whiten your skin as long as you don’t rinse it, so it’s non lasting or really practical, it barely change my skin tone.


And this is how it looks after lightly rising it, it leaves weird looking patches.

I started using this products again, to give it another try, and be able to write a review, hoping it would work, but I end up being more disappointed than before, regretting buying this product and the many more I got because it was a cheaper alternative to the MISSHA Time Revolution White Cure, plus I was trying to find a whitening cream for the body, as my arms and around my chest are the parts where my body gets more tan and takes longer to get back to it’s natural color.

I regret buying this products I will never ever by them again, lol. Sorry I had to give my honest review.

It does do what it say, it whitens your skin in minutes, but it’s like painting your skin white with thick sun block lotion, it last till you wash it, and it’s too thick to look good even if you don’t rinse it, that I don’t recommend doing, as you shouldn’t expose your skin to the sun while using a whitening product for your skin, or right after doing it, as it makes your skin sensitive it can damage your skin and create sun spots more easily.


Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section, and support this blog by liking and subscribing.

Love, Eden…



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