ACEVIVI Hair Brush Straightner Review


I was walking on a mall like 2 months ago and I saw they were selling this type of brushes, they one I tried was awesome, but kind of pricy so I decide not to buy it and try buy one on Amazon.

But it was difficult to try to find a good one, as much posts looks more like advertise reviews than honest ones. Plus even though I was searching on the UK Amazon website, not all specify it they sell it with the right plug type as much are selled from China and USA.


((That day was raining  when I went out to get it, thats why my box looks like that))

Anyway I found this one, good price, good reviews, some youtube videos showing how it works and with the UK plug.


Plus I would get it deliver to my house in no more than 2 days, so I gave it try.

This is one of the reasons I decide to review it, as I think it should be more honest reviews about this products that weird advertise ones.


In some reviews I read people complain saying this brush is really heavy, so when I receive it I was surprise how light it felt.


I saw this products on Youtube, so for me sounded like a smart idea, I hate hair straightners, leaving those horrible marks on your hair, I can spend 1 hour or more straightening just to end up with a freezy puffy weird looking hair.


So after I prove one on myself I had to get one, but I wasn’t going to spend over 116 pounds for any hair tool, specially after I bought one that disappointme recently.


It does pretty much does what it says on the packaging.



It came with the UK plug, a small manual and thats it.


I’ll show you how my hair looked before using the hair brush, my hair is wavy. So this is one of the perfect types of hair to try this product.


I straightened it the day before, so it wasnt as wavy as usual, see what I’m talking about? Spending an afternoon to straight my hair to have it looking nice for less than 4 hours it’s not worth my effort or time.


As usual I use my favourite product I being trying for the past 9 months, it said it doesn’t damage your hair, still its a hot tool, so I’m not risking my hair.


This is how it looked after a few brushes.


You can see the difference between the non brush side and the other.


I spend no more than 15 minutes doing my hair.


It doesn’t look puffy and the ends not so crispy, I swear it doesn’t look as dry at in the pictures.


I just brush it as usual, I split it in sections, not as accurate as I would have to do it when  using a hair straightener, but I have layers and a lot of hair.


I found more relaxing to brush my hair than to use a hair straightner that can cramp my hand.


The back looks fine, sometimes I straight my hair and then I flip it back I can see the layers sticking out, and it doesn’t matter how much I pass the straightner on my ends and fry them it doesn’t improve.


I didn’t use argan oil or any products to settle down the ends to show you how it looks like.



-Fast to use about 15 minutes (Compare to 1 or more hours when using hair straightener.)

-Less damaging, my hair felt less crispy, dry and frizzy after using it.

-Safer to use, the heat is only located between the bristles making it more safe to use (Am I the only one who had burned her ears or forehead with a hot hair tool? :O )

-Simple to use.


-Some parts of your hair specially at the top are tricky to straigh, you might have to pass it a few more times to get the desire result.

-It takes about 8 minutes to completely cool down.


I hope you like my honest review, this is only based on my likings and hair type, this product works better for me than a straight iron.

I hope this was useful somehow.


Thanks for reading, please share with me what you think about this trending product, did you like this brushes? Or you prefer other hair tools?


Love, Eden…

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