Kao – Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color (Rose Tea Brown) Review

I bought this hair dye not so recently but I didn’t got to use it, so my roots were showing my previous hair dye was already washout I decide it to give it a try.
I got mine on Japan, but you can get it at YesStyle, this hair dye is not so cheap in Japan anyway. So I guess the price is still ok on that website. Plus you make sure is the real deal.

So I’ll share with you the translated instruction I got from this site.

  The colour shown in the pictures of the website looks more brown than the one in my box that has a slight tint of pink and purple. That’s why I got it in the first place. But anyway.


  One of the things I like the most about this product is that doesn’t have that horrible strong  hair dye smell, that last for days. I dyed my hair about 2 days ago, and from day one I couldn’t notice the hair dye smell, plus the after treatment smells delicious and it felt really moisturising.

I’ll start by showing you how my hair looked like before I used this liese dye, no make up no filters, just natural lighting.

My hair and roots were so dry 😦

You can see the slight different colours in my hair. Roots and ends slightly lighter and some remains of my highlights, balayge whatever thing I did last year.

((Small pause))

I decided to take a hot bad while I was waiting for the hair dye to work.  I haven’t seen this brand on the Internet. But if you love baths as me, you should definitely try Japanese bath products.

The instructions said to start with the roots, my hair is medium length I have a lot of hair but it’s really thin, one box was enough for me, though.

You can see how I manage to cover every strang of my hair perfectly.

I decided to wrap a plastic bag around my hair to keep the heat of the bath and help the chemicals, in pretty much all hair dyes products it’s recommended to be in a warm place. Cold can slow down the chemical process of your dye.

This is how it look after I rinse it off.

When I was rinsing it. I notice the ends looked very light, I was kind of bother about it. But as the box said, if your hair is previously bleached like mine it can fade more.

I cousins said to see the final result so I decided to blow dry my hair and style it, applying heat after dying it. It can maximise the lasting of your hair dye. By the way, I love this étude house heat protector, cheap smells nice, and minimises the freeze and puffiness of my hair.

In this pictures you can tell my roots and ends looks pretty much the same. Don’t know why it look very different depending on the light I was taking the pictures so that’s why I  sharing lots of pics with you.

Looks darker, even coverage.  It didn’t stain my skin, it didn’t damage my hair, I wouldn’t say it improve it. But at least it didn’t make it looked worse. Plus my scalp was really sensitive and dry, you could see how it was flaking, but after I dyed it. It improved considerably.

Even though my hair wasn’t even it looks nice. No stripy looking.

This is how it looks after I style it and add some oil.

By the way I’m using my Liz Lisa top form the My Melody Fukubukuro from this year, so fluffy and comfy.  

It has a slight highlight effect on some parts. But it doesn’t look like patches, some parts we considerably darker than the top of my head and the ends. But the dark parts show the colour I choose and not just look like black, the roots and the top of my hair has the same tone. A problem I have with western hair dyes, even though the top of my hair is light, it dyes it black and the roots look so bright, eeww.

Luckily I no longer have this problem after I discover how amazing these Japanese hair dyes are.

 This is how it looked the day after.

 When I dye my hair, I don’t wash it for 2 days or so, or as long as I can keep it, to ensure the hair dyed can penetrate my hair for longer.  Also it helps my scalp not to get too dry and restore some of its natural oils.


Thanks for reading, sorry if it has take me a while to post anything, I just moved to my new house, and I had to bring lots of stuff with me, I forgot a box at home with some of my precious valuables, such as a sailor moon 20th anniversary glass I love. My older house is too far too go back just for that box, so I asked my mom to send it to me by mail.

Anyway just to tell you how busy I being over the last weeks, sorting everything out, I manage to pull together all my Liz Lisa cloths. I still have a pile of old cloths that I need to sort out and donate.

Love, Eden…


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