Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma Kawaii Cooking Haul


I got a random haul of very cute japanese cooking utensils.

I wanted to improve my cooking and try doing some cute lunch boxes, so I bought some stuff to start.



I got some cute sauce containers, very cheap ones at the 400 yen store.


A bigger size sauce containers, I choosed the simple design ones because I didn’t want to spend too much money on it. I got it from the same 400 yen store.


I got some cute egg molds I believe you can use it for making onigiris/rice balls. Just wet the containers with a little bit of water so the rice doesn’t stick on the mold.


I like it because it was cheap and it has the shape of a bunny and a bear.


The thing is that is hard to fit some eggs on it without breaking them when the eggs are to big.


The instructions said, to put a boiled peal egg inside the mold, and simmer it in hot water for about 10 minutes.


The next product is a stamp mold  for making those lovely designs on your latte or on your rice.


If you ever wonder how they did it they just use stuff like this, and you can have cute drinks and food at home ;D.


Next thing I got and the one I use the most is this lovely Rilakkuma rice paddle.


It can stand on it’s on and has a lovely design and colour.


Next thing I got is this lovely Hello Kitty chopsticks.


I haven’t seen prettier chopsticks, Hello Kitty, glitter and pink!!!


Next product is from the 400 yen store, I bought it in a rush because the store was about to close and I found it by mistake in one of the small streets behind of Donky at Ikebukuro.


I regret not buying more as I haven’t find more anywhere else.


I wasn’t very sure to buy it at first, as you can see is very small. But anyway is Hello Kitty and it was cheap.


Last and my favourite of them all, is this Rilakkuma chopping board. I got my Rilakkuma stuff at Solamachi Mall, next to the Sky Tree.


Is not very big so it’s easier to clean and can be use to cut  small cute things for my lunch boxes :3


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Love, Eden…

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