Fresh Light Champagne Pink Hair Dye Review


If you had seen my japanese drugstore tour, or you are familiar with the large variety of japanese hair dye brands available.

You might seen this brand before, so when I visit Japan I couldn’t miss the oportunity to try this product.






When I saw the shade I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous pink colour.

I’ll explaing you guys the condition of my hair at the time I used this hair dye, to give you some insight.

The ends of my hair were bleached, like an ombre look. The top was dyed at the hair salon in brown, I did that to my hair about 2 months before  I went to Japan. So my roots were already showing.

So I had the ends of my hair bleached with a little bit of light pink in some strands. The growing roots, and in the middle of my hair I had a  brown colour.

So I was concern if I would end up with lighter roots, a black or dark brown colour and pink ends.

Something that happened to me a lot when dying my hair at home.

I heard is because the hair dye “oxydise” and that’s the reason why when you use hair dye even in light colours it ends up with that hedious dark patches.  Which is what I hate about western hair dye brands.


The hair dye comes with:




The tube with the colour.

The comb


With all this said, I’ll show you the before and after.


You can see what I was trying to explain; brown in the middle, the bleach lights, and the growing roots.


As you can see from the box, even with different shades of colour, it shows a pink in various tones.

You might say all hair dye boxes allegedly does the same, but if you try to change from light brown with a green undertone to a light brown with reddish hints.You will end up with black ends and bright roots.

What I found about japanese hair dyes is that it gives you a more even tone, even if your hair is not the same colour.

Obviously it will be darker in some places, but it’s the same tone everywhere, so if you dye it pink, everything will be pink. Some places will be darker, but still pink.


My friend tried to take the picture for me, so that’s why it’s not that  clear.

But you can see how all the hair looks PINK!!! Even those darker strands of hair look pink.

Overall, I have to say I prefer the foam hair dyes, as is easier to apply; but achieving this beautiful colour was worth the hassel to use that comb.

I’ll show you how it gradually looked.



You can see how it faded quicker, but it damage my hair less,  during my trip I used to many hot water in those public baths. So that might be the reason.

But as it didn’t process my hair as much as western brands, or dry my hair more than other brands and it was more gentle in the scalp, you can apply it often.


PROS:                                                               CONS:

  •  Less damaging                                 – Fades quicker
  •  Even coverage                                  -The brush complicates
  •                                                                   the application



I hope this review was useful, and you give this brand a try if you were curious if it was worth the risk to try a new hair dye brand.

Thanks for reading.


Love, Eden

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