CanMake Coloring Eyebrow/CanMake Color Change Eyebrow Haul

I got this Waterproof eyebrow mascara from CanMake in 3 different colours. To match my normal eyebrow and also when I dye my hair lighter or use wigs.

My skin is very sensitive. So I’m afraid to bleach my eyebrows when I change or hair colour. So I thoguht it will be a nice purchase. I wasn’t sure which one would match my eyebrow colour.  As one of the particularities of Japanese make up is their signature light eyebrows.  So most of them looked very light already.


I haven’t open it all. So later on I’m thinking about doing some swatches

I got this in [03]natural brown☆that was the darkest shade.

This one turned out to be the darkest of all the three.


[02] Honey

Recommended for those with very bright brown hair!

I use it when I’m wearing a light brown/dark blonde wigs.


The newest  Canmake eyebrow mascara called, EyebrowColor Change Eyebrow.

In [03 Cocoa brown], also the darkes one from this range.

Recommended for those with black to dark brown hair.

★♥︎♡How to Use:★♥︎♡

☁︎In the instructions said to wipe the excesses with a tissue, so your skin doesn’t get stain when applying it.

☂Use light strokes and not too much coats. Or it my get clumpy.

I never used a eyebrow mascara before. So it’s kind of tricky to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s much more easy and quick than to draw your eyebrows with pencil. Also you don’t have to use a clear coat of eyebrows mascara so you skip one step.

I found out that the lighter colours looks better if you use a light pencil colour eyebrow before the mascara. And then apply a light coat of the eyebrow mascara.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be posting content more often, so feel free to comment, like and subscribe…


Love, Eden 2puppy


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