Shimamura/Kusuri CanMake Japanese Drugstore HAUL


This is the haul from my Drugstore Trip j-blog at a drugstore chain named Kusuri …

Shimamura haul #2, HadaLabo, Aqua Gel Cure, japanese fashion, Rilakkuma.





I got this super cute and cheap epistick, I got one from eBay but its wider, so it doesn’t catch as much hair as this one that is tighter. I think it was 400 yen.


Japan is crazy about  hyaluronic acid, so you can see lots of products that contains this, specially this kind of essence.

Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer.

This is one of the reasons why Japanese use it for lots of their toiletries products, like wippies too.

This two are very similar products as both contain hyaluronic acid and placenta. I was really amazed when I started using this products, my face feels more moist but at the same time very light. It gives a sensation of relief and refreshness when applied, specially if your skin is oily or sensitive.


This is the famous Aqua Cure Gel, is a soft peeling or water base exfoliant. I was kind of exceptic when I started using this product, as you apply and start gently rubbing it against your skin like you would do with any product to exfoliate, you can see how the liquid turns into small pieces of gunk.


So I was wondering if it was really the dirt of my cloaged pores or not, and depending on how often you use it or how dirty your face is, is how much of that gunk appears even if you apply same amount of product, so now I’m pretty much sure it works.


I got this cute pink socks for only 380 yen.


One of the things about being in Japan is that most towels are small. I got this one because it’s super cute, so I didn’t mind the small size plus you get 2 for only 580 yens.


You can get super cute cheap towels, but if you want bigger size are alot more expensive, and most hotels give you small towels, so try to bring your own towel.


As you might seen, I got a bunch of this leggins in different colours, I’m pretty petite, so most leggings even if they are small size are very long and I hate to have to pull them all the way up to my belly buttom or higher.

And this ones fit me just perfectly. I got them in L or LL size, as sizes are not really that wide on the butt/thigh area.


If you haven’t  check my blog tour to a

japanese drug store please click here.


Thanks for reading.

Love, Eden…


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