CANMAKE Blushes and Lipsticks HAUL


I got a few more  of this amazing Jelly Stick Glosses


I got 3 in:

[01] White Peach☆
A classic peach pink for an adorable look
[02] Pure Strawberry☆
A vivid red that will add vibrance to your complexion your skin tone
[04] Sweet Cherry☆
A more feminine rose pink with a delicate blue tinge
((I forgot to take a picture of the one in 04, because I liked it so much I put it right away in my make up bag))
Igot  one of the Glow Fleur Cheeks and  the 2 Glow Fleur Highlighter in:
free_lacy_bow_icon_by_sanitydying-d53hy4yGlow Fleur Cheeks in:
[02] Apricot Fleur☆
A coral that provides a gradual flush that will suit everyone.
bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4Glow Fleur Highlighter in:
[01] Planet Light☆
Contains blue pearl reminiscent
of stardust, for an extra burst of translucence★
Achieve a superb balance of
luster with pure white, blue, mint,
and lavender shades! Look pretty, even in your selfies! ★
[02] Illuminate Light☆
Contains pink pearl – a recipe for love with a natural luster that blends into your skin★
Add a sweet, but subtle luster with off-white, pink, lemon, and beige shades♥
-I own 4 out of the five Jelly Stick Glosses, I couldn’t get one in  [05] Dark Raspberry☆ , it was sold out in several places. If you would like me to do a swatch on this lipsticks please tell me in the comments.
I hope you like it, follow me for more asian cosmetics and CANMAKE Hauls, Swatches and Reviews.
♥Love, Eden…

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