Liz Lisa/Axes Femme Outfit of The Day/ Sky Tree Town


I Got this Liz Lisa Coordinate, matching skirt and blouse, plus this red Axes Femme shoes from Parco and Sunshine City both at Ikebukuro.

I took this photos before it start getting chill in Japan, at the Sakura Square, next to Kototoi Bashi Bridge. Is a small park and sport area, right in Front of the Sky Tree.



I was a little self concious about sharing this pictures with you guys, because I gain a little bit of weight specially around my face :O, but I thought it will be a waste not to do it. So here it is.DSC09428.jpg

One of the things I liked the most of this Coordinate is that even if it looks simple, it has this small cute details like the heart buttons



The Details on the skirt waist band.





The Frilly lace around the blouse




bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4Skirt and blouse by Liz Lisa

bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4Socks by Liz Lisa

bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4Shoes by Axes Femme

bow_with_jewels_by_sanitydying-d544gv4Cardigan bought at a small shop at Sunshine City









This is a small, still very nice place to sit down and have lunch, while enjoying the flowers and the view of the Sky Tree, and the boats as the pass by with tourist smilling and waving at you from all over the world and Japan.


I sat with my friend to have a quick lunch and then head to buy some stuff at the  Tokyo Solamachi Mall of the Sky Tree Town, where I got my Melvita Skin Care Package.


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We had some some Strawberry and Atsuki sandwiches, by the way, you like the fake eyelashes I’m wearing?  Would you like me to do a review on them? I got them at my local Kusuri (a japanese Pharmacy chain store)


You can see the sky tree behind my ichigo sandwich lol.


(All Pictures Taken by me)

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Also, if you want to see more of this park, please tell me in the comments, I’m not sure if you are interest on seeing footage and pictures of it, so please tell me and I’ll share it with you all…


Love, Eden…



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