Brigitte 1 DAY COSME Contact Lenses REVIEW


This is the review of the 1 DAY COSME contact Lenses in No. 05 Sepia Black from one of my  old japanese hauls


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When I visit Japan I was excited about the many types colours and sizes of contact lense that you can see in all kinds of shops.

But most of them are 1 DAY Contacts, I never tried one day contacs, because I thought it was a waste of money, specially in Japan were they are kind of expensive, but then I thought of all the pros that has.

First of all, my eyes are very sensitive and dry, so I don’t wear contacts everyday.

So my eyes are not very used to contacts, so they get very teary which bothers me alot.

But what I found about ONE day contacts, is that are softer and less drying, so my eyes don’t struggle to get used to.

This one not only are one of the less expensive ones, but the brand has a wide range for you to choose, from hearts, to more mature, to your favourite Sanrio character to Sailor Moon inspired lenses.


I decide to get this ones, because they look cute but more wearable than the sanrio ones, plus less expensive.


This ones are not that big, like some lenses that make you look kind of alien and doesn’t suit everyone.


I walked all around Tokyo with this lenses, till now I never got a weird look, just complements, because this ones are not too flashy.

Brigitte is a make up brand, with a wide range of products, and they have their own contact lenses line.


The box comes with 10 lenses, meaning 5 pairs, so the advantage of this is that even if you think is not enough lenses, if you don’t use it everyday, you can just open it the day you want to use it, and keep the other ones for later.

You can also try different types, without the commitment of using it everyday.


Because I don’t use it daily, 1 day lenses are a better option for me, so I can have them when I need it, without wasting a one year pay, by using it for few ocassions.

This are few pictures of how the lenses looks, so you can have a better idea.


This is the difference from a bigger lenses, to the Brigitte ones in No. 05 Sepia Black, and without lenses.



1.-No lense 2.- Bigger Circle lenses 3.-Brigitte No. 05 Sepia Black




This image is from their official website, with all the info about the lense and the how big they are.


Thanks for reading,  comment your thoughts on this lenses, if you like this kind of more playful cute look.


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Love, Eden.


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