Tomatox TonyMoly brightening mask REVIEW


This is one of my favourite brightening products, it’s a cheap very efficient mask, specially for light freckles.

I tend to have sun spots very easily. Specially freckles around my cheeks. And this one of the products I seen results faster.


I used several products such as Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack. Which out of the more affordable brightening masks I tried is my second favourite.

It contains :

Tomato extract/solution antioxidant, detox properties to the clear skin

Lemon extract accelerating collagen synthesis, whitening, antioxidant, astringent

Baicha extract less irritation to skin, whitening property


The consistency of the mask is kind of thick compared to the Panda’s sleeping pack. It’s a creamy mask,really easy to apply.


How to use it:

Apply throughly onto clean dry face, all over the face or just on the areas where you want to brighten up the skin.

Massage it for 10 minutes.

Rinse with warm water .

As a brightening mask is most recommendable to use it during night only.

Love, Eden.

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