Winter Skin Care routine products feat Melvita

This time I wanted to share with you this brand, it’s a French skin care brand, still I found it on a trip to the Sky Tree at the Tokyo Solamachi Mall.
Melvita is a pioneer and expert in organic beauty care, MELVITA is France’s leading ecological and organic beauty brand.

The staff was super nice, she explain me a lot in detail, and show me all the products I was interest in, letting me test it.

I choosed this set, it was in discount and it’s pretty much a full set, in came with a free argain oil and a travel size rose pulpe frist wrinkle cream.

This was so good that I won’t for my mom too, she loves rose scented beauty products.


I will show you each of the products and my opinion on each of them. And how I add it to my daily skin care routine during winter.


In days when I’m using heaby foundation, gel Eyeliner and eyeshadow  this is my first step, I don’t use it all the time because it’s the type of cleansing oil for dry skin, I can use during winter just fine. Still I don’t normally wear heavy stubborn make up.


It’s very runny, so I normally use 1 pump. I apply it onto damp face, and it turns into a milky lotion. It contains Damask rose essence and rosehip oil from Chile, so it’s very moisturizing, restoring the softness and radiance of the skin, without leaving an oily residue.



This is my first step when I’m using light make up (mostly BB Cream) or no make. This  is the Bouquet Floral Light Cleasing Foam, contains rose floral waterorange blossom floral water and narcissus extracts.


It says that it removes make up too, so normally if I’m wearing heavy make up I always use a oil cleanser first. This is a really gentle cleansing foam.But for light make up it does the job. Removing eye liner and foundation without any effort.


After rinsing my face I use this product as toner. Revitalizing and Hydrating, rose water is very good for oily skin, it helps to balance your skin without leaving it dry or patchy.
Normally during summer that my face is more oily around my t-zone area, I would normally use this toner and Aloe Vera. After applying it my face already feels super soft and hydrate.



PLUMPING RADIANCE CREAM  1st wrinkles: Made out of rose water, helping to erase signs of fatigue. Making this cream moistirizing, light and refreshing for the face.


So far I don’t have wrinkles, but as a 20 something year old, I’m starting to look for anti wrinkle products, I tried with other creams but they are too heavy for me and make me breakout.


But this one is really light weight on me, and I use specially around my eyes, concentraiting most of the product on that area and the rest on my cheeks and areas where my skin is less oily. One pump is enough for me.




This is a extra optional step on my daily skin care routine, as a person with combination skin, I sometimes struggle to find products that don’t make my face exta oily around the t-zone are and moisturizing enough to get rid of the dry patches around my cheeks.


I only use this product during winter and when my skin is specially dry.This is a argan oil that can me use both face, body and hair. Not most of the argan oils can’t be use as  multi purpose. For example  bought other agan oil brand that is only for hair before. So make sure that if you use agan oil is specially for face or multi purpose.



One of the strong points of this brand, and what make me bought it without hesitation, is not only the quality of the products, but the afordability of the products for being a organic brand.

Is tested on persons, I normally try to use cruelty free products.
All their products has this:

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to
ECOCERT Standard available at
99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
21% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked my review.

Please comment if you tried this brand before, or if you are interest in purchaising this products.

Feel free to like, comment and follow.

Love, Eden…


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