CANMAKE Japanese Make up HAUL


Another CANMAKE HAUL, As you can tell I love CANMAKE products and try their products every time I have a chance.


This time I got 2 of their blushes, one eye shadow and a concealer.
I got the blushes in number 36 French rose and in 25 sugar orange. This are a very recommended purchase not only cheap but with good pigmentation

This is the blush  in color [PW36] French Rose☆

A slightly subdued coral pink.For an adorable feminine look


This is the one in [PW25] Sugar Orange☆

A versatile pinkish-orange that is suitable for all skin types. For a sugar-sweet, cute impression ♥

Color Mixing Concealer in color image[02] Natural Beige

For those with average to dark complexions

Features a mixing space where you can mix the three colors to make just the right shade
Create a unique shade that matches your complexion precisely

It comes with a Handy double-ended applicator

● Brush: A gentle brush that makes it simple to apply the concealer over more extensive areas

● Applicator tip: A tapered tip for pinpoint accuracy in targeted areas  perfect for. For covering pimples

20] Pink raspberry☆

A combination of translucent pink and purple. Create cute, fairy-like eyes with these juicy berry shades.

With pearl and light-polarizing pearl particles.Makes it easy to achieve subtle shade gradations.

A trio of eye shadows that even make-up novices can apply skilfully.

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Love, Eden.

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