Halloween Japanese candies pumpkin Kit Kat, Matcha OREO

This Halloween Japanese candy haul migh be a little late, still I wanted to share it with you.


I got the Halloween pudding pumpkin kit Kat flavour. This is a special edition. And I saw many people raving about it. So I had to get them.

This are supposed to get in the oven for a couple of minutes. Before eating them. I was waiting to share this my boyfriend. But they are so tempting that I don’t think I will wait longer to eat it all..


The ones I couldn’t resist to eat are this super delicious OREO matcha flavour chocolate.

I haven’t try this ones. I’m thinking about doing a video with this candies.

This are some kind of gummies. It looks kind of intimidating all the colour mixing.  Still I’m thrilled to try this ones. Plus it got it from my local supermarket and it was super cheap, ¥200 is I remember correctly.

I love grape Japanese flavoured candies. So when I saw this I couldn’t avoid buying it. I love watapachi, another grape flavoured candy. Floss candy grape flavour with those rock frizzy crackling chunks.  This looks quit similar. So I got it for ¥200.

Another one very similar to the last one. Looks very simple to do, and ¥200 too.

This will be part of my series of review post and video about this candies. I’m not sure you can find it outside of Japan. Still I wanted to share it with you all.

This are my absolutely favourite candies ever. One of my teachers used to give me some after the class, many years ago.

So I was sad I couldn’t find it anywhere else outside Japan. So of course I bought some of there. It costed me around ¥100-¥200 yen each.

Thanks for reading, please comment, like and share.

Sorry for not posting a lot recently, I’m dealing with a horrible wisdom toothache that cause me headaches all day.

Love, Eden.

Eden Alison
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4 thoughts on “Halloween Japanese candies pumpkin Kit Kat, Matcha OREO

  1. I have seen someone making vlog to review and try some Japanese Candy, which was rather cute. I have never tried any Japanese candles at least not anything like the haul you got. Only had a few strawberry mochis, that I really loved. Cannot wait to see your video. Japanese candles are uhm odd but kind of funny. I like it. 🍉

    — Miku


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