Pokémon Café J-vlog Review


Finally I’ll share my experience at Pokémon Café in Sushine City in Ikebukuro, along with a video to give you an idea of the place.

I was super happy to still be able to visit this place, because I think it`s a seasonal café. I’m not really sure.

It was kind of tricky to get to sushine plaza, I always get lost and walk all the way to the Donky of Ikebukuro, it’s on the same street or Gift Gate Sanrio 2 floor shop( soon I’ll post the blog and the video of this shop too).

It’s on a super big street were theres tons of shops, and a SEGA gaming building, where I like to throw my money trying to get those beautiful plushies.

I believe is on the second floor of the shopping centre.
They close later than Pokémon Center, that close at 8, so you can easily go to buy Pokémon Merchadise and then have a meal at this café.

The prices are ok for a theme café, I was expecting it to be super expensive.

The food is ok, but some dishes have small portions, like the Pokémon Pizza, is one serving, you can buy it to nibble  with a friend.


I’m so sorry if I’m not able to name the Pokémon’s that are feature on the dishes, I was a big fan of Pokémon when I was growing up, even played it on my Nintendo 64 that actually was customize with a Pikachu stiker wallpaper thing, but I can only remember the name of the first 100, thanks to the pokerap XP.

I came with my all time friend Pokémon obsses bestie, she order this drink on the left, like ice coffee, she was barely capable of drinking it, according to her was super strong coffe, I can’t drink coffe due to migraine and a healing ulcer. So I did not dare to drink it to confirm it, so if you like coffee you might like it.
I got this Orange juice soda kind of drink, with a Pikachu giant Ice cube mango flavour, delicious drink, but the cherries of the drink were sour as hell, I couldn’t handle it and I had to spit in discretely inside my napkin :O !!!

I wasn’t that hungry, so I only order this super adorable Pikachu Parfait.
It was an OK parfait, nothing special, but extremely cute. The best part was the cake Pikachu face, the rest is just yogurt and fruit.


So after eating my parfait I was still hungry, that Pokepizza make me crave something salty.
So I choose this from the menu, is like and Omurice, with a croquete, a delicious small side dish some kind of white sauce and  tomato sauce

A small portion of salad with a pot of nice dressing, with cheese musical notes.pokesaladeden

It’s a nice place if you are into Pokémon, kawaii food, or average price food, but to warn you people if this place is still open by the time you read this post or visit Japan. If you are not a big Pokémon fan you might find annoying that they only play one song, all day.

If you can give it a try or if you already went, please share your experience in the comments box..

Thanks for reading, if you like it, follow me, like and comment.

Love, Eden

Eden Alison

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