Liz Lisa W ribbon Princess knee high Boots Wリボンプリンセスニーハイ

 I recently bought this boots from the Winter collection 2015 at Liz Lisa in Shibuya 109,  I was hesitant to buy this. When I saw it I fell in love with them, but normally I’m shoe size M  in Liz Lisa.


And that  ones didn’t fit me at all T^T, I got stuck like a sausage in themΣ(゚д゚lll). So I wasn’t sure to get them or not. But my friend bought this boots too. So I couldn’t resist and I just got them in size L.

It was still a little bit tight. But I knew my leg was  a little bit swallen, because I dropped my suitcase on the skalator and it hit me leave some awful bruises I still have.

That’s why it took me a while to do this HAUL/review. I had to wait till my leg was better. And just in case I wore a pair of thighs that are kind of slippery, this is a excellent trick to get inside shoes and boots that are a little bit thight. I learned this trick from a nice girl in a shoe shop. When I was trying to get inside the last pair of another beautiful boots.

This boots feet me perfectly. And I will purchase boots size L from now on. In Liz Lisa shops.

It is a little bit big for my foot. But I just put a pair of cheap shoe insoles from Daiso. And it fits me wonderfully .

Thank you for reading.  Please comment, like and share.

Soon I’ll upload my other Liz Lisa shoes and bags recent purchase..

Love, Eden


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