Shimamura/BIG CAMERA Random HAUL Hello Kitty instax mini, OLIVE des OLIVE, Creamy Mami and Japanese lingerie


Few Weeks ago I went to the Minami Senju Tralala shoping centre, that’s it’s really close to where I llive.
Theres some  cute small stores, plus a decent size DAISO, UNIQLO and Shimamura, that is a decent quality shop where you can find nice bargains once in a while, from futons, Rilakkuma-Hello Kitty towels and flip flops, to lingerie, shoes, clothes and more.

Here I bough 5 pairs of really nice quality leggings. It fits  perfectly for my short legs.
I got a pair of woollen socks. 1 lavender underwear set and a cute blue bra.


A cute warm skirt/short a OLIVE des OLIVE collab shirt with flower bottons and a blue ribbon and a Creamy Mami super kawaii hoodie.


On the same day it was super rainy and horrible weather so I only went to this shop, then I got something to eat and run to BIG CAMERA in Ikebukuro. And bough my Hello Kitty Instaxmini camera.

They had it in a set that comes with a Hello Kitty Instant Film and I also went there because they had discount in their instant film.
Camera included the instant film, a strap to hang it around your neck and this cute stickers. I couldn’t resist more and get it.
Because I was about to buy in July when I found it on Ebay. But I decide it to wait and found it for cheaper in Big Camera, also the instant Film had a nice discount so I got 4 packages.



Hope you enjoy this Random Haul, please stay tune for more Hauls, reviews and more kawaii stuff…

Pixel Art by:


Love, Eden.

Eden Alison


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