2 weeks ago I went to Harajuku to try out their BB Cushions, I was super glad when the shop assistant helped to find the perfect for me.

My favourite finds are All Finish Cleansing Water, it’s a make up remover/toner that doesn’t need to rinse.


I thought the purple cushion would helped me to brighten up my complexion, but the nice lady told me the pink would help me with the my dark circles and dark spots.
I got them in  Magic Any Cushion in #Pink  and the Precious Mineral Any Cushion in #W24.


I love them. Natural coverage but still both gives me this natural glow and brightness up my complexion so well, makes me look healtier.
Plus I got a lovely Make up bag for free with each.




Sorry for my nails :O, this is the Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker this product creates that puffy under eye puppy sparkly glittery look, that looks so cute, I also use it as eye shadow for my lower lash line. Nice colour and very pigment

My beauty tool Secret Brush121 Skin now it comes with a sponge and a super soft brush. I use the sponge for concealer and the brush for my press powder or my powder foundation for a more even finish.


Lastly the nicer heat protector I ever had, it comes in a cream but it doesn’t leave your hair sticky or heavy. It has a nice scent and makes my hair super smooth.

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Love, Eden
Eden Alison

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