A day shopping in Ikebukuro Part 1/ Chocoholic Shop


I currently live near the minami-senju station.  So I’ll show you the places I shop when I go to Ikebukuro




I’m sorry to say that I can’t really give you advice on which route is best for you. It  changes a lot according to your starting point. It might look scary and complicated. But don’t be intimidate. Once you start using the subway it will get easier. But one thing that I have to admit and quite confuses me, is that the maps you get at the information centre in the airport, different stations and even apps, are different from one another. I strongly advice you to not stick to just one. Or you will be constantly frustrated as you might have decide your route, and when you arrive to the train station and see their map it’s probably that it won’t match yours. But don’t be scare. Big stations like Akihabara, Ikebukuro and so, have spots where you can find the schedule and route to any station and to big touristic attractions.

Theres 3 or more ways for me to choose to go from My starting point to Ikebukuro, so I tried several ones. My favourite one is the one where I stop in Akihabara station. I even walk, then the weather is nice, not raining bad or when it’s not super hot or cold.

This is my favourite route, because I love gashapin/gashapon machines.


Later on I’ll give you a proper review of this place. Just for you to quickly see what gashapon is and why I like to stop at this shops on my way to Ikebukuro.

This shops have this machines from top to bottom, most of them have anime related merchandise.

So on my way to Ikebukuro,when I make a stop in Akihabars to change trains. I have to get out of the underworld walk half a street and get inside the train station with the route to my final destination.

So when I have enough time to gander around I’ll visit the drugstores near the train station to check their discounts and then I’d  go with my friend to the gashapon machines, once inside the train stations I check the small shops to buy fashion socks, cheap shoes and so.

But if you get inside the big station such as Ikebukuro and Akihabara, you are into kawaii clothes and accessories. I strongly advice you to check this store.


One side of the store sells cute chocolatery



And on the other it’s a small shop with lots of cute accessories, rain boots, umbrellas, chandeliers, bento boxes and bags, some clothes, stationary, pottery and everything you can imagine for decorating a kawaii room or house.




This is just a small glimpse of what this hidden Jewell is, decent prices and wide range of super cute-pretty stuff.

Stay tune for the second part of this shopping trip trough Ikebukuro…

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Love, Eden

Eden Alison


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