My visit to Pom Pom Purin cafe at Harajuku VIDEO UPDATE

Last week I went to have dinner at the Pom Pom Purin of Harajuku. Right on Takeshita Street.

This was my first time coming to this place. But my second try to eat here. As I told you before, most of the places on Takeshita Street close no later than 8:30 pm.

This time I manage to finish all my shopping at 7:20 and ran to the café.

I wasn’t the last customer. But sadly I wasn’t treat as nicely as in other places. You know that vibe that the staff of a restaurant gives you when you enter to eat few minutes before they close? So they have to serve you food even if they don’t feel like doing it? That’s exactly how I felt.

It’s a shame because the prices and the food quality is really nice. And the portions are a lot better than at Pokemon Café.

I sat on my table. They put the service (cutlery and glass of fresh water), they gave me my menu.

I decide what to eat. I closed my menu, so they didn’t thought I was still trying to decide what to eat, then I sat for more than 10 minutes. Or that’s how it felt with an empty stomach.

And I saw how other customers were served. Some that came later than me, so I was sitting forgotten in a corner. Feeling like that annoying customer that no one wants to serve. While the staff passed around me serving to other customers. And as they avoide looking at my table.

I wouldn’t normally get annoyed easily. As my working experience on the field has make me more tolerant and understanding to the staff of a restaurant. But when you have an empty stomach, and you don’t get a cordial welcome as I was being used or spoiled by the staff of many cafés and restaurants in Japan. Plus being served last, even when the other customers came in at least 15-20 minutes after you . It just got on my nerves. I was very upset to have to think of getting up my chair and had to run to look for another restaurant before they closed.

So I raised my hand for the 3th time saying to myself and my friend if they don’t come now. We are living, so rude, I’m starving and we have being waiting for so long, what the heck? I wished we were at Pokemon café they treat you nicely and dance. Even if they only play one freaking song all day.

Luckily they couldn’t ignore me for longer or the magical invisibility  shield that was around me disappear.  So they looked at me and then sent to the girl in charge of serving my table. Even thought I could read that she was quite bother about having to served people that speak English. She was quite surprise I order our meals perfectly fine in Japanese.Even though I had to answer twice, yes now. When  she asked me do you want your drinks now?

The interiors are well decorate, it’s not crowed. They don’t have annoying music. The concept of a French café meets kawaii was nicely combine.

The food had nice portions. They have some dishes with it’s  pictures and the name in English on the first 2 pages. Behind there’s more options, all in Japanese with no pictures and the drinks. Few are translated and the rest are in Japanese. They have quite few dessert option. I believe roughly about 4 that I remembered now. I make them directly responsible for my poor description of the menu. I was so hungry to think. But now I wished I took more pictures of the menu. Instead of moaning about the long wait with my friend.

I choose the meat, stroganoff beef. The plate was really cute, a nice portioned dish. The sauce and the rice tasted very nice. Not so much the meat. That luckily was only Pom Pom Purin’s hat.

My friend choosed the spaghetti, a lot nicer choice. Except for the mame(the green beans).
The coolest thing about her dish. Is that it came with a pot/cup to place your bread in the cute shape of this French doggy.

And after your meal you can take a brand new one home. That box behind it, is the one we got. Or to put it nicely the one I stole from my friend. She is not really fuss about Sanrio characters, so I kind of ask her, give it to me!!! Please?

As for my favourite thing about the café, I would say it was the drinks.

I order something like a melon smoothie with tapioca balls on the bottom. I was so sad to eat Pom Pom Purin so I left it floating in my drink. Till the poor doggy was sinking faster than The Titanic.

The detail on the drinks is one of the things I liked the most about this place.

They even bother to draw a bum hole with chocolate. Soo freaking cute(≧∇≦)..

My friend got this drink

A creamy caramel drink that I don’t remember exactly. In my defence it taste very nice, so my friend didn’t share much with me.  But the menu includes pictures of the drinks. All of the them looking more delicious than the other.

As for desserts we couldn’t resist to have one. So even if we were almost full we choose to share this pancakes. With the best and more delicious gelato I ever tried.

The pancake was at the bottom, some nice berries on the side, whipped cream, a pudding, a chocolate hat on top, a very nice orange sauce and my favourite, the raspberry gelato.

This dish was not only nicely displayed, the elegant cutenes of the dish was as delicious as the dessert. It tasted as yummier as it looked. Not like those false food advertisements of some burgers of that phoney clown. That makes you regret buying unhealthy stuff when it looks nothing like the picture.

In conclusion, delicious food. Awful service. I wouldn’t say it’s not foreign friendly. Because a couple of Chinese girls. That came very late were served better and even offered to take a picture with the Pom Pom Purin giant figure that it’s display in the middle of the café.

Yes,I wasn’t offered to take a picture for me. Like they did with all the customers. I wished I payed with 1 yen coins. As revenge.

So instead me and my friend,(but we were amazed by the cool toilet,to be honest).I had never seen a fancier toilet. It shines and opens like a treasure chest when you open the door. I took a video of it. I hope soon to find and learn how to edit videos. To share it with you.

We played with the toilet. Not trying to break it or anything. It was just really cool. So we wanted to try all the features.

The girls of the staff looked at me like why are you entering to the toilet with your camera.  Or even worse, why are filming your way to the toilet. Or why you are filming inside the toilet? !(◎_◎;)

If you are not to picky about not being offered an excellent service. Although it’s kind of annoying to have to climb 2 floors of stairs to get to the café. Don’t feel discourage or think you will not have a nice service. Give it a try if you are in Harajuku. But get your 1 yen giant bag to pay,ready. In case you are unlucky like me. Or you liked me enough to revenge my honour. Jk
Hope you enjoy my review.

Please follow me, like, comment and share. To encourage me to keep reviewing places in Japan. And don’t forget to check the video I make when I visited this place!!!

                                                         VIDEO LINK: 


Love, Eden.

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