A trip to Takeshita Street / Harajuku 

A few days ago l went to Takeshita street.

First advice if you are planning to visit this famous fashion place. Go early, most shops close at 8:30, compare to Ikebukuro and Shibuya were you can find shops open till late.

 There’s really cute shops with different kind of fashion styles, to be honest as a tourist I was expecting to see a display of pretty flashy styles. But everyone looked kid of normal. Nothing too extreme. I guess it was a quiet day.

There’s many shops with very good bargains.

Sadly most shops are very strict and don’t allow you to take pictures. That’s why I wasn’t able to take much pictures. Some like their Liz Lisa don’t even allow you to take pictures of the clothes they display outside of the shop :/. I was able to take a picture of some of the clothes before l got told off. By the staff of the shop 😦 …

I got really excited to see the Sailor Moon collection items were still on sale. Sadly the good ones were out of stock and I didn’t like the others enough to bother to buy them for the high price. Plus the last time I visit their Ikebukuro shop with a lot friendlier staff, I bough over 11 items. So I had most of the stuff I liked from the shop. The Harajuku shop is kind of small and they don’t have much stuff. Pretty similar to the one I went to few days ago.


I would recommend you to have a quick look in all stores. Then you might find lots of hidden jewels in the smaller shops plus a much more accessible price.

It’s a good place to find shoes, there’s lots of shoe shops. I couldn’t decide what to get. But l choosed a item I was looking for, and I was pretty pleased  to find the school shoes to complete my fuku outfit I wanted, and in a better price than other shops.

There’s a big cosplay/Lolita shop and some other shops of this type. So even if you are not into fashion trends. And more of a cosplayer you can find some good deals here.

One of the places  I wanted to visit was the Étude House shop, small but very cute, the staff is super friendly plus is tax free ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ.  There’s some freebies at the moment, I will do a haul later. I went insane with my shopping there. I can’t show you all I bought there because some stuff is tax free. Which it means is in a huge seal bag, that I won’t be able open till I travel to visit my family  T^T… Still the discount was worth it.

 Onto the food, there’s few places, most are crepe shops, sadly non count with seats. Yet the food is cute nice. I visit this one, supposedly this was one of the first or the first one to open in Harajuku.

Also it was exit to 2 benches (;゜0゜), that’s why we decided to eat there. Then we read about the history of the shop. Is very easy to order. They have a menu in English, plus they display plastic yet very realistic crepes. That will make you drool while you choose. They have salty crepes, very nice looking. And lots of crepes. Most are the classic ones, ice cream, whipe cream and fruit.

This is the green tea cake-ice cream crepe.

The one I choosed is one of the crepes that has cheese cake, cake or pudding, it’s not a super massive crepe, so you won’t feel supe full.

My friend got the chocolate banana crepe. A nice classic in a good size. I prefer a decent amount of food and be able to try several that just one big portion.

That’s why I was able to try the avocado shrimp salad crepe a super delicious crepe with a nice salad, avocado of course, lettuce, tomato, shrimps in one of the nicest vinaigrette salad dressing I ever tried.

It was very difficult for me to decide between the wide range of both drinks and crepe types they had. That’s why in my next visit I’ll try this one.

Most of the crepes are around 400-480 yens. Which is an average price for food here.

Sorry if it took me so long to write a new post. It’s being super sunny and hot. So we took advance of the nice weather and we being going out till late.

Thanks for reading. Please comment, like and follow me.
Love, Eden ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/u

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