♡♥︎My first time in a maidcafe// Cafe maid experience ♥︎♡

I always being a big fan of maidcafes, for some this might be odd, geeky or weird.

There’s a misconception about maidcafes of course there’s places that are exclusively for men. But there’s a wide range of maid cafes for everybodies taste, kids, girls and men they all can enjoy many things that maid cafes has to offer us, afar from the live shows, the cutesy service and the company of pretty girls.

Maid cafes can be fun and a good option for you.

If you like cute food, maid cafes at least the one that l went to has a very affordable menu, if you don’t like alcohol, or you are not into the sets that includes photographs with the staff.

I found this jewel on my way home, from shopping like crazy at the Bic Camera and Don Quijote that are located just outside of Ikebukuro train station.

I will provide the address in case anyone reads these and want to try it out.

My family ran a restaurant for many years, and l study and work a food service related carrier.

So I’m very picky when it comes to service and food quality.

This place amazed me with not only the cheap prices and the good quality of the food, the staff is very friendly, even though l don’t speak a very fluently Japanese, it was easy for me to order and enjoy the performance of this pretty girls. In even got compliments about how pretty and long my eyelashes are (⌒▽⌒).

Also I will be honest when l arrived I was with a female friend that is not very familiar with the cutesy fantasy culture of Japan. So she felt kind of awkward having to smile and follow the flow of everything.

When we arrived we were the only female customers, so that make it a little bit awkward for us, we felt like we were introding male territory.

I don’t like to esterotipe people, I kind of understand why males are attract to this kind of places, a hectic demanding work, not being good at talking to woman, so please do not think this is weird of pervert.

Just think about how in order cultures it’s ok men to go to strip clubs. That personally for me it’s worse than eating cute parfaits served by cute girls dressed in pretty customs.

This is a place to eat, have good company and have a good time. Yes there’s some pervert people out there with very weird fetishes. But don’t think is only an Asian/Japanese thing.

Without more delay I will detail my experience…

The maids come to you and explain you about the sets and services they offer you.
She choosed the magic candle service. I do not know in what the others consist of, but the menu has a list of the other ones they can offer you.

She said something like this is a magic candle for princesses and she blow the electric candle. It was supposed to turn on when she blow it. But it didn’t worked till her third try. We laugh about with the staff and costumers about it. Saying stuff like oh sorry maybe I’m not a princess and that’s why it doesn’t light on.

They gave us a menu in English,with the food, side dishes, desserts, soft and alcoholic drinks.

Also a menu with some deals, I didn’t mind ordering the set that included the cute Kuma Katsu curry + soft drink plus and a commemorative Polaroid. But my friend was selfconcious  about  taking a picture, we got wet because of the bad weather we currently have in Japan. And we look dreadful. So instead she order her drink and meal separetly.

Ithey had a menu for food that goes well with beer too  that I saw in the table next to mine. So if you can drag your boyfriend or make friends to join you. Or simply you don’t like sweet drinks. You can drink beer here too.

What we order was:

★彡Takoyaki as a started. A very delicious takoyaki with some cheese. The pictures for some odd reason it’s gone but you can see it in the background of the other ones.

★彡I order the Kuma Omurice that displays 2 cute bears sleeping in a bed of rice, an omelet blanket and pillows, potato salad, 2 cherry tomatoes and some broccoli.

★彡 My friend order an Kuma Katsu curry served with a nice portion of pork cutlet rice and , little bit of chesse.

★彡For drinks I got the melon soda with icea cream, gummies  and 2 cookies. They provide you with a spoon and a small place, I guess to place all your giant ice cream cat there. I couldn’t do it without destroying that piece of art. So I left it there. Till l realise it was melting and l and to eat it as fast as l could. And that make me be full by the time my meal came. It was like eating dessert before my meal.

★彡 My friend order the apple juice with the same toppings. But they marked her cat pink.

Sorry for the ugly plastic bags in the back of the picture. We got crazy win the duty free deals Bic Camera and Don Quijote had.

I will post a haul later on. Or perhaps today as one of Japanese friend advice to stay indoors because of the typhoon.

Here’s some of the menu pictures I took from the menu. Sorry if it’s not the best reference you can have. I’m not good at reviewing restaurants because I just start eating like a piggy and forget to take nice pictures.


The maid cafe I went is called Maidreamin is located near Ikebukuro train station.

1 Chome-12-11 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan

Feel free to come to these place and l hope you can have a fun experience like myself.
Love, Eden(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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