Favourite MASKS and moisturizers MISSHA, Etude House, TonyMoly

Here I’ll post my all time favourite masks, moisturizers and serums and favs of the latest months…


This is The Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack.


This is a very handy whitening/brightening mask for people that don’t have time or feel lazy. You just apply it at night time after you washed your face, and you just rinse it at night.
I apply it after washing my face, without any other product on the parts of my face that I want to brighten up.

I have tried tons of whitening/brightening products, most are not very effective or make my face oilier.

A few examples of whitening/brightening products I can compare are:
The MISSHA White Cure, one of the most effective ones I tried, sadly it makes my face to get oily and have few breakouts, also I feel like you need to combine it with the other products of the White Cure range, making it more expensive, if you have dry or mature skin this is MISSHA product is a most.

The Snow white face mask is also another product I quickly compare it with, I heard a lot of people claiming this Snow White masks as miracle products, so as soon as I could get my hands on this products I bought a set with the body and face mask, the body mask is nice, I wouldn’t say it’s very effective, as the  MISSHA ones, were you can see a quick notorious progress, as for the face mask, it didn’t do much for me that gets tan easily and get lots of dark spots. I got so dissapointed that I left it at my boyfrieds house and never bother to carry it home. That’s why I can’t really show you how it didn’t work for me. Sorry :(.

Later on I’ll do a full review on this product and a comparisson with another one of my favourites The Tomatox TonyMoly  brightening mask.


aloe1 This is th Aloe Moistfull Real Pure from Etude House 92% Aloe.

I have mix combo skin, oily T-zone and around my cheeks tends to get dry easily and patchy, that’s why it’s being a process of finding the best moustirizing face cream for my face, especially on summer.
After I ran out of my MISSHA Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Lucent Defending Cream, I was worry because I just bought a new camera and I didn’t had enough money to restock this amazing face cream, I went to a local Korean/Asian make up store, and talk with the guy, he recommended me this product.


It’s perfect for me, super affordable, it doesn’t make my face oily and helps me with my sensitive skin, you can use it for your whole body, as a face cream, as a mask or even as a remedy to relieve and refresh sensitive skin.
I wouldn’t use it during winter unless my skin is very oily, but for summer is my favourite face cream.



ETUDE HOUSE Play Therapy Blue Moist UP! Sleeping Pack:
I use this sleeping pack in conjuction with The Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack, 2 to 3 times at week.
It not just moustirize my face beautifully but also I can feel how it helps the natural process of detoxication of my skin at night.
In the morning I can feel my face a little bit oily as it the dirt and excess oils of my skin is coming out of my pores, After I wake up I just rinse or wash my face again, and do my normal skin routine + make up routine, and I can feel my face moist without being too oily.
Great for dry or mix skin, and for people that doesn’t have lots of time to put face maks during the day.
I wish I had find this produt sooner, back when I study and work a lot.
I worked in a restaurant so my face got super oily after that, also I love using masks, but at that time I barely had time to sleep, and I felt how my skin resent not having any mask pampering time.




This are my favourite masks so far, specially the tea tree one, as a oily combo skin type I find hard to find sheet masks that doesn’t make my skin oilier if I use it regulary.
I have very sensitive skin to pollution so it get’s extra oily or with dirty dry sensation.
So this particular brands specially the MISSHA ones are perfect for me, I can use it once a week, but my favourite one the tea tree of MISSHA is wonderful it not only helps to detox my skin, also if l have breakouts it helps my skin to clean and makes the whole process of getting rid of my pimples faster.


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Love, Eden ๐Ÿ’ž
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