Korean Make up HAUL and SWATCHES part 2: Etude House, TonyMoly, Holika Holika, MISSHA

Big Haul, review and swatches.

This is the second part of my HAUL, Swaches and reviews, I had comapare some of this products and tes it, I’ll share my favourites and the ones that personally didn’t work for me.


The first one of the list is the Silk Scarf Damage Care Hair Ampule, This is a more intense hair treatment than the Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask, that I’ll review later on.
I have curly medium lenght hair, and the person of the store told me that I should use one per week, I try to do so. I have lots of hair, I used half  and it was too much for me.
You are supposed to use it with damp hair and then dry it and style it as usual according to the guy of the store.
It make my hair heavy, doughy  and make my curls heavy and difficult to keep it in  shape.

I tried again, and with this method it worked a lot better, I used half of the vial, while I was in the shower, like my normal conditioner routine, I leaved on for about 5 minutes and then I rinsed it.
At that moment I used the product my hair was recently bleached so it was pretty dry and damage.
It help but it wasn’t a dramatic change on the condition of my hair.
I would say if your hair is not chemical processed or really damage, this can help you as a deep conditioner routine.

The next product is this Gel Eyeliner from Holika Holika



After I used the MAC gel eyeliner I was trying to find a cheaper option, but after getting extremely dissapointed with the Maybelline New York EYESTUDIO in Blackest Black, I don’t have oily eyelids, still it smudge too much for a GEL eyeliner in my opinion.
I was hoping this would be the answer to all my prayers, sadly it wasn’t.
It’s a little bit shimmery and a very light creamy consistency it glides easily but you have to re apply it several times to make it black enough other wise you would have tons of  glitter but not a lot of black.
If you like black shimmery eyeliners you can apply another black heavy eyeliner and just one coat of this product and it would look beautiful but on it’s not it might show enough pigment.


The next product is the Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder In Mist, I have oily combintation skin, only  around my T-zone; This product is supposed to be used before your foundation and to fix your make up when it gets oily. Because of my oily and dry skin, this product not always for perfectly for me.
Sometimes it just make my skin feel dry but oily, and sometimes it helps a little bit.
It’s not a miracle product that will control your oiliness for completely.
You must shake it, it’s a liquid with some kind of powder on the bottom.
And if you want it to make it work you have to shake the product to mix it.

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LOVE, Eden ❤

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